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According to Arry, because we need someone to shout “Oi, fucking liven up!” at underperforming players


A younger version of Rooney is exactly what we need, but a player who isn’t as good as he was, and the 300k a week wages mean that this isn’t going to happen.


Did anybody watch the U23 game? Any reports on who played well etc…


That’s what Black Flamini is for.


You mean to tell me all the booing isnt enough to motivate players??




Quite the fucking debut.


That’s me in a nutshell. Can’t help but relate. :grinning:


@Titou14 :frowning: :frowning: Best player in the league leaving to China. Well deserved after staying in the Bundesliga for so long and will get a nice wage boost there.


Ohhh shit Soriano I totally forgot about him, that’s great news he deserves the payday after all the money he’s helped me make over the years :wink:

Edit - You got me thinking I wonder how Alan’s been doing in China.



Might still have more atmosphere than the emirates in some games!


It’s kicking off on Twitter :henry:


I believe that’s known in the bullshitting business as “yes”.


It’s a cheap response, but I was really hoping in his response he’d throw the league title in Carragher’s face :joy:


How did he do that?!


Incredible… Saved the lives of 4 people in his 8 years as a footballer.


Fantastic! A true hero! :slight_smile:


Without wanting to diminish Koné’s actions or intentions in any way, it’s impossible to swallow your tongue. (Unless you cut it out first I suppose but that’s a bit weird.) And I get that from the highest possible authority- QI.

On reflection it was pretty unnecessary for me to point out this fact, but my bullshit detector is turned up to 11 atm. The world needs facts.


Was going through the tv channels when I seen this in the MLS… Lol looks so wierd :joy: