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The player we’re talking about, no. Yaya Sanogo (for example) yep.


You surely have to have played more games for Arsenal than Kallstrom and Inamoti managed before you can make the fabled Worst XI of the Wenger era.

All’s that I’m saying.

One of the midfield spots is taken by Neves Denilson Pereira anyway, I’ll argue with you night and day on that one :smirk:


The point is; he physically wasnt good enough to get those games in the first place; despite being bought for that very purpose. How the fuck is this lost on you both.

Unless you think he was bought for 3 nothing games and a few training sessions? In which case you’re bang on.

Totally justified.


Nonsense. He was bought for jersey sales. :innocent:


Right o. :smile:


Agree with everyone here but lean towards Oliver’s side of the fence on the basis that he was reportedly £3.5m! In 2001! That was decent money, although our team at that time was already good so it was less of an issue than say, Denilson or Squillaci being shit but starting every game. Then again if we’d signed him in 2008 he might have made Denilson level impact on my depression.

It was a shit signing but it didn’t negatively affect our fortunes as much as other signings so probably wouldn’t make my fail xi but maybe the bench :neutral_face:


Inamoto was a shirt sale player. He didn’t recoup his expected financial return, that’s about it.

Big Spuds if you think Inamoto was one of Wenger’s worst signings then you’re on the moon basically, I don’t know what else to say :laughing:

We did this thread on the old OA, don’t remember his name cropping up much if at all


Our shirt deal was a load of shit until three seasons ago. I seriously doubt any extra money would have come in in any circumstances due to signing Inamoto. I think perhaps it was something more along the lines of Wenger hoping he was getting a jump on the competition the same way he’d done with the French contingent.


Ah of course. Because old OA was the pinnacle of intelligence.

Wheres the proof his signing was entirely for shirt sales? Or is that just what you choose to believe?


“No club has ever directly recouped a player’s transfer fee through shirt sales. Adidas, Nike, Puma and other kit suppliers get 85-90% of shirt sale revenue and this is the industry standard.”


But if the bookies dramatically drop their odds of a player recouping his transfer fee with shirt sales then it’s a lot more likely to happen


What about this for a tackle https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJNbijG2M7OwN-bDSpsGirNmpfQMM2m3W

Edit: can’t figure out how to embed on my phone


Frimpong’s contract has been terminated by Arsenal…Tula. Linked with AFC Eskilstuna in Sweden.


Can’t be any worse than Coquelin. Bring him home


Fun for AFC Eskilstuna, which are Swedens answer to MK Dons.


Official now. Frimpong to Eskilstuna :laughing:


Redknapp with some err “interesting” ideas


By interesting you mean laughable ?


Why would we want a player so far past his prime and so ready to demand extravagant wages?

There is no point in the last 5 seasons that I would have wanted Rooney at Arsenal. His decline has been obvious for a long time.


Hopefully Wenger is leaving in may so no Rooney :smile: