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Especially with Mourinho as their manager.
His success is down to massive spending.


would be absolutely amazing if he spent that amount and does a chavski spend that piss off the players get sacked end up 10th with a hyperinflated wage and a mediocre squad that is struggling and the next manager in the merry go round has to sell some of the names they bought for a fortune ala Di Maria because they aren’t pulling their weight not wanting to stay or don’t fit with the new manager…oh how I would laugh!


“Frenchies” only. No invite for BFF Mesut :ozil:


Racist confirmed.


Hilarity ensues in Honduran league. Pitch invader comes on with his own football and scores a goal. Just as a player on the team he supports scores a last minute equaliser. The goal is allowed to stand despite the invader. :joy:


Merson has spoken again. Apparently Sanchez is the only Arsenal player who’d make it into a Spurs/Arsenal combined 11. Hmmm…


the guy is a drugged up thick cunt…worthless wasteman!


I said that last week: Paul Merson never stopped to drink. He needs help, needs to be hospitalized and start a rehab.


Lol don’t hold back…


This is the combined eleven I liked. Although swapping out Alli for Xhaka would be a consideration (entirely on the basis of breaking up play).

@AbouCuellar get in here and give us a Londonista three at the back formation with Alderweirald in it, be sure to mention how tactically naive four at the back is. :blush:


Walker instead of Bellerin? Get out Oli!


Once you shake off any notion that you must absolutely worship all ex-Arsenal pros in their post-playing ventures, it’s fairly easy to establish Merson (the pundit) as a complete tool.


He’s probably right. But we’ll still finish above them because we have the superior manager.


Trying to focus on overall ability rather than current form, my combined XI at the moment would have Bellerin, Koscielny, Ozil and Sanchez in it, the rest of them theirs. Although I desperately want to get Iwobi in there somehow.

No arguments over them having the netminder, left back, at least one centre back and the entire centre midfield. I guess it’s hard to leave Kane out too, pushing Sanchez out wide and thus not allowing me to put get Iwobi in there.


I know i know, feels dirty, but i think he is having a better season than our young right back!

I wonder who’s gonna be the first to post an all Arsenal 11 :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit @Robin_L on overall ability i guess Koscielny Alderweirald have to be the two centrebacks?



Walker Toby Koscielny Rose

Alli Dembelé Özil

Alexis Kane Eriksen

Would be the best team in the league. Easy title win


Depending on who the manager is of course though. As much as i love Wenger i reckon we could have Messi and Alexis and Lewandowski as a front line score 200 goals in a season but somehow just end up 2nd or 3rd…there is something missing in the mentality of the players now many winners have we got in the club world cups winners RM and Barca players but we still player like lacklustre losers.


Haha of course. If we’re doing an NLD select then it has to be Pochettino.

9 scummers and 3 Arsenal tho… :neutral_face:


Don’t underestimate North London bottling ability.


I’d love poch here tbh. Extremely likeable manager.

A damn shame he manages Tottenham because I’d like to enjoy his work a little more.