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Bellerin - Mustafi - Kosh - Rose

-----------Dembele - Xhaka

Alexis ----------- Ozil --------- Iwobi



I agree.

He is their Wenger.

Imagine what he could do with our squad of players.


I’m fuming I tell ya



Bellerin - Alderweireld - Kosh - Rose

Dembele - Cazorla

Eriksen - Ozil - Sanchez



Kim K. :raised_hands:


“Maybe Wenger knew best all along?”

Fucking AKBs are everywhere. :smirk:


Calling Kim Kallstrom a ‘mega flop’ is one of those media exaggerations that makes me hate tabloids. No-one expected him to do much and he played 4 games.

Like people who list someone like Junichi Inamoto in their worst Arsenal XI of all time.




Also playing his small part in Le Arse finally ending their drought by putting a penalty away in the Semi-Final. Still such a bizarre story, the whole transfer but calling him a flop is silly. He was brought here to be back-up to the back-up and he did that just fine.

Plus, anyone who speaks like he did about us after just 4 games (and 6 months tbf) is alright in my book. - https://www.reddit.com/r/Gunners/comments/4v5yo5/interesting_quotes_from_arsenal_exloanee_kim/


He scored an important penalty in our F.A. Cup semifinal against Wigan in 2014, tbf :mustafi:


I’ve just been looking at the Championship League table and noticed that there are as many clubs in the Championship that have reached the semi finals of the Champions League as there are in there Premier League.

Derby, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa and Leeds all got to the semi finals of the CL, and so have Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U, and Chelsea.

So if Leicester win it, they could already be relegated to the Championship, while being European Champions.


Forgive me if im wrong. But wasnt Inamoto let go because he wasn’t good enough?

Why wouldn’t that justify a place in the worst 11?


I was surprised to see he had stats on wiki which says he played 4 games for us. He was almost certainly let go because he wasn’t good enough but I’m with Robin on this one. You might as well list youth players who never made the squad if you’re listing a guy like Inamoto.


You know what the craziest thing about Inamoto is - he was nominated for Ballon D’or in the same season we released him lol. All because of his performances at the 2002 WC.


Man City were a CL semi-finalist last year.


Forgot about them.


Academy players are a little different due to the rules for home grown and club trained players though right?

He was a failure in every way.


That’s brilliant. I never knew that :smile:

I think he’s basically the same as them is what I’m saying. But I can see how one could take the other view too.


Theres a few differences tbh.

A player filling both a homegrown and an academy (club?) trained squad place is essential, a foreign player bought from another league is not.

Furthermore, academy players brought up through the ranks wont initially count towards a squad place. Inamoto was already 21 when he joined, so within the season would count, and for the duration of his contract would have had to be properly registered at some point.

Lastly, the pool of talent accross the world is incomprehensible when compared to the academy players available. Buying abroad is nothing like developing internally.

No matter what way you cut it; inamoto was different and was a failure.


Yea, I don’t agree with you but I see why you think as you do. I wont think of Cohen Bramell as a flop for instance if he never plays/plays a handful of league cup games for us and don’t think of Ryo or even my good friend Wellington Silva’s as flops/failures either. They are simply transfers that didn’t work out.


You dont think a player that we sign for the senior team who gets released because he isnt good enough isnt a flop?

Cool. Convo done.