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Often reflected in the over belief in England that ex football stars always make good managers.



Always wondered why people have players as pundits. At least have the ones that were reasonable coaches. I’d rather hear Klopp or Moyes view over Carragher and Wrighty.


At least Wrighty has a bit of charisma about him, Carragher too imo. Carragher also has the advantage over Wroght of being somewhat insightful. Better off focusing on cunts like Danny Murphy, he offers nothing.


Disagree there tbh, I find Danny Murphy to be one of the more insightful pundits, he can actually string a sentence together unlike some of them too.

The pundits I like the most are probably Neville and Murphy. Carragher for ‘the bantz’. Ian Wright gets a free pass. The most embarrassing one for me by a country mile sadly has to be Merse


I like Murphy as well, he talks a lot of sense and doesn’t seem to be too biased towards any teams and the same with Keown.
I quite like Roy Keane even if he seems to say controversial stuff for effect, although a lot of what he says is true.

Pundits like Lawrenson and Hansen didn’t seem to know anything about football other than the PL and were obviously biased towards Liverpool and against us.
They also seemed to think that the modern game players weren’t as hard as they were when they were playing, especially Lawrenson.

But two of the worst are Savage and Barton.
Savage can barely hide his contempt for us and Barton isn’t much better.
How they got work as pundits just shows how programme makers appeal to the lowest common denominator.


You had one job


Are we talking about the same Danny Murphy?!


They’re not.

But that’s a positive for the most part.


True, injury was never a reason to miss a game. Because you weren’t injured, just dead.


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Fuck yeah rosicky!!!





Just the 5 red cards and 12 yellows in the match between Fenerbahce and Besiktas. The most shocking part of that though is that none of those cards were for Pepe!


The Istanbul teams do love a dust up as my OH would say! :smile:



i lol’d