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My missus would have killed me if I proposed to her at Arsenal! :giroud3:


Petition to distance ourselves from this monster? :sanchez2:

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Close enough


Gazza and Les Ferdinand used to get very close… :see_no_evil:


That’s a beautiful piece of writing.
It’s almost like it could have been written by Shakespeare.




No wonder we were so good in 96.


I was thinking shades of Oscar Wilde.


"I said: ‘I’ve got family coming in from Nigeria.’ And he said: ‘Make sure they don’t come over with Ebola.’ I laughed because I was in shock. I didn’t know what to say.



Poldi is now lawyering up! Good on him, hope he rips the Nazi fucks a new one


I wish we were still on old OA with my epic goodbye post…I’d add that to his best moments. Poldi vs Shitebart… They don’t stand a chance against the most lovable man in the world. :poldi:



i seem to remember the fans chanting homophobic stuff all the time especially to wenger, that and pedo stuff so that should make him fit in perfectly.


In that same article the author refers to them (spurs fans) as Yiddos and the Yids without realising that’s considered offensive by some who follow Judaism. If you’re going to take a moralistic approach to supporting your football club then be consistent :joy:


Caption should read “signing a quality player is a betrayal of the club’s ethos”



“We here at Chelsea are extremely concerned to hear about the alleged remarks made towards Eni Aluko and her England teammates, and as a club we are entirely against them. Unless BJT said it then there is simply no excuse for it at all,” said a club statement today.

“Racist language is never welcome on or off the football field – unless John Terry does it – and we will never stop fighting to promote equality as long as it doesn’t concern our brave former captain.”


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Savage from Mandanda!




Wasn’t sure where to put this, but our club shop was broken into last night. They stole our remaining shred of dignity!