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Female footballers fight harder to be recognized. But what if they were men? #WEURO2017! #ShareFootball #teamhummel #kvindelandsholdet pic.twitter.com/jVJD1lnwSV

— hummel International (@hummel1923) July 27, 2017


The situation for female footballers in Italy isn’t much better either. And the current Euros is played on artificial grass… There’s a lot of work to be done.


Lots of people like to take the piss out of women’s football, while I agree it’s not a high level and tbh I don’t really care about it that much the players still deserve respect. People who make jokes about it are probably worse at football, just saying



He’s been sent a very sincere and nice email, which then asks him to keep it quiet because the match hasn’t been announced yet, so he posts it on twitter.

Self-absorbed attention seeking cunt


In all fairness, he wants to help raise money for charity. He is a twat, but despite poor execution I agree with his overall message.


There’s no nice gesture involved. He’s been told he can’t play, just donate money to the cause and keep quiet. Everything with this guy is about creating controversy and generating more media attention. He is a self absorbed cunt in every sense of the word.


Agree with SRCJJ and JB.

Reckon he wouldn’t have even donated if wasn’t banned. He must have knew it was FA sanctioned and a good way to cause a stir against the FA.


I feel bad for whoever took the time to write out that e-mail with politeness and compassion. I’d have faxed him over my morning dump to let him know he wouldn’t be taking part.


After reading this im inclined to agree with you. Now piss off to the strip club and make some stories to report back with


I’m at the airport mate waiting for my flight back home. I did two nights here and I remember why I’m ready for marriage now. I’m not built for this life lol and I’ve eaten far too much junk I’m going for a straight detox for the next week.


ha! amazing, detox always sounds like a nice idea but I’ve never ever executed it well. Where did you end up going?


Fucking tell me about it. I’m 27 and can’t handle my hangovers anymore. My friends 3 night stag in Athens earlier this year almost fucking killed me. I can’t drink and party for shit any more, not after moving in with my misses.


Stop it, you fuckers.


David gunna get his sicarios out?


Good move, his wife looked like a man, and that girl, despite the fake tits, is sexy.


Haha it’s a startling realization isn’t it? It’s for the best though, the last two stags I did in Vegas nearly killed me :laca:


Well she did fix up after that Real Madrid presentation tbf :joy:

Fake Boobs are underrated tbh…


Remember when 3 day benders were easy.

Now one night of copious alcohol consumption can leave you in a coma like state for 1-2 days. Getting older sucks.


Well now we know why he was never destined for Arsenal :laughing:Wouldn’t want my ex brother in law (the twat) in my team either.