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Derby against FAC Wien?


4th placed Austria Wien… it’s the Wiener Derby, not to be confused with the “kleine Wiener Derby” (small Wiener Derby) between Sportklub Wien and First Vienna.


I read “next season”, not next week :poldi:




As Mitchell and Webb would say, “That’s a bad miss.”




Bastian Schweinsteiger. :heart_eyes:


@Persona the :koala: was okay in the end :heart:




Lol how did the ref give that as a penalty?!

Worst dive ever!! :joy:

If that cost you your unbeaten run you would be mega pissed off. Like that dick rooney did to us in 2004!! :expressionless:


That’s the kind of shite FAs need to be banning cunts for.


100% agree when its as clear as day as that woeful dive was.


The most annoying thing about diving is it’s completely avoidable. Retrospective one game ban if it’s an obvious dive. Therefore you’re going to have to make it a perfect dive and make sure there’s always plenty of contact if you want to take the risk but I’m guessing players will just stop taking the risk and diving in the box would stop overnight.


I’d go slightly further with this and say, first dive the player loses a finger, but they get to choose which one. Second dive it’s another finger but this time the fans of the opposing team get to choose by an online vote. If they somehow dive a third time then it’s onto limbs. There wouldn’t be a fourth :sunglasses:


What the actual fuck :laughing:



Yeah it’s nuts, it’s such a rough derby. They call it the “New Firm” derby in Denmark because the hooligans and stuff really glorify the Old Firm derby up in Glasgow and all the violence and shit. They were throwing golf balls at players too.


And there was me thinking you Danes were a quiet lot who spend their time building lego while eating a packet of spunk :cristo:


“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”



Just for you @Cristo :grin: