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Fuck me :joy:

Just had to be an American didn’t it :joy:


Context? Is she the millwall player?



“MLS’ newest star Bus-chun Sch-varnstarger” scores his first goal for Chicago Fire. World Cup here they come.


This video is so tragic. “If you can speak with my coaches, my friends, my team mates - everyone says I was special”.

Yes, but your FUCKING DAD DIDN’T and so we have to watch you strugglefuck through your daddy issues on a weekly basis.
Thank you, Ronaldo’s dad - because of you even a run-up for a simple free kick has turned into a desperate cry for attention. :wenger2:




@Bl1nk use this. Yours is mass white space at the top and bottom with the vid in the middle lol

:joy::joy::joy: What a legend Tourè is :joy::joy:


My favourite club to manage on FM15. AFC, do it! :slight_smile:


Just trying to get this out of my head…when did the Sky sports football forums stop? This is the month I decided to join OA…I remember @JakeyBoy being a regular poster there too :laughing:


I honestly don’t think I regularly posted on any sky sports forum mate haha


Talk about overcompensating.


7 YEARS AGO TODAY :open_mouth:

Good morning. This happened 7 years ago today.
All hail @Chris_Kammy

No matter how many times I watch this I still laugh so much. :joy:


You sure? Lol, I remember seeing your name quite often. There was another name from here I used to see but I cant remember…

Wow…just googled when the sky forums closed, it was 2010. I feel old.


How long ago are we talking? I’m not ruling out the possibility but we’d have to be talking a long time ago


7 years ago according to google. I dont even think your that old, you still look young.


Wexit fever has hit the states :grinning:


Polish cup semi-final. :giroud:



Polish derby. Szczalkowiece vs Gdortmundowa.


@PPB, what’s up with Rapid? They run the risk of getting relegated!


They’re crap. I honestly wouldn’t mind if they got relegated. I’ll be at the derby next week. Couldn’t have picked a worse time, quality-wise, to go haha