Pictures of OA members


Pics or it didn’t happen…


I still don’t believe Robin is a lady


She really is! As a girl, I could tell by the way she wrote certain things. But she is defo female. A female who knows more about football than most of you… I know it hurts, but deal with it!


Hah, yeah she might know more about football than us but she’s not funny as we all know females lack the funny gene :grin:


In other parts of the world that’s as hot as it gets in mid summer. Good for you though that you were prepared for the cold wave that was coming your way.

The constant flirting with you and Cuellar didn’t tip you off?


So what’s your excuse then?




…was that flirting?

Are you saying I had a chance? HAVE a chance?

Brb need to have a tough conversation with my gf when she gets home


I do love the fact though Robin has been a member on OA since 2005 and only now they revealed themselves and some are still totally unconvinced :joy:

@Arsenal4thetreble What do you mean, I’m confused lol.


That far I don’t know. Better not disappoint the dog though before you know for sure.


Cristo! You proposed to me last month! I am devastated! :sob:


@Robin_L is a hermaphrodite!


[quote=“Phoebica, post:248, topic:588”]
Cristo! You proposed to me last month! I am devastated!
[/quote]You had a lucky escape, you can do a lot better than Cristo :cristo: :ozil2::


I’m sorry, it’s like the fable with scorpion and the frog - it’s just my nature :joy: also you never said yes


I have to disagree, I happen to think Cristo is awesome. He can definitely monte a challenge for Phoebica’s heart.


Whenever there’s a female comedian haven’t you noticed they are a little manish? Ellen Degeneris, Rosie O’Donnell…


Did you just watch Arsenal here? :wenger:


Amy “MUH VAGINA” Shumer


Very broad shoulders :eyes:


Of course women can be funny