Pictures of OA members


Here’s a funny woman.


Nah, @Robin_L is all man. You’ve fallen for the trick. Thing is, as we are almas gemelas, we both were hugely inspired by Topo.

Seriously though. He said that he proposed in some thread. Unless that’s some kind of bs hipster/new-fangled type of matrimony, he’s got a penis.



OA just assuming gender all over the place. Reddit would be ashamed.


well fuck. Guess I really missed the boat on this one.


I hope you’re not referring to Robin as “the boat” :open_mouth:


I dunno Robin seemed quite smitten with that Cuellar/spanish charm :astonished:


It’s the 21st century ffs you homophobe


8 simple words that leave me picking up the shattered pieces of my broken heart :tired_face: Anyone else but you Cristo!

Before you too fall too deeply for this loveable rogue Cristo, remember the Danes are not built for monogamy! :grimacing:


In the spirit of crass generalisation. You’re definitely single. :thumbsup:


Lies and slander. I’m sorry ladies I’ll make it up to you somehow


Don’t forget abiut me with ur sexy boat shoe wearing ass :heart_eyes:



Fucking lol :joy:


Wow you weren’t joking.


This comment has made me think you’re definitely a woman. Only a typical uppity 21st century feminist SJW girl would say something like “in the spirit of crass generalisation.” Damn you women, arrogant and don’t learn from the past, or else you would know how things should be! :welbeck:


Lmao no fucking way that’s actually you but fucking hilarious either way


Just like that Elect becomes the most alpha male on OA.
I wouldn’t believe it if you weren’t a fucking Scottish savage.

Edit - I am disappoint.


You’re the Coquelin of banter.


Poor effort indeed, very poor use of my racist/intolerant/misogynist/etc. persona. :worried: