Per Mertesacker


Arsenal legend confirmed. Per, fuck the haters.

Not often you get a player that respects the badge like that. What a cool story, what a cool guy.


Well Chambers is having a great season at Middlesbrough with his fair share of clean sheets and great performances.

Per and Calum should be our cover while Holding gets loaned out and Gabriel is given away to a team in need of charity.




Rob Holding likes this.

‘Defensive cover’ = the career killer


What is this streak of piss doing at this club. He should have been binned years ago.
We’re supposed to be a club with ambition ffs.


Not a bad back up to be fair. He’s also important in the dressing room apparently, many members of the team look up to him.


Very Nice words Phoebica ,not that I’m cynical but id be over the moon too if someone just handed me a 5 million pound cheque !
Its bad business and way too much money for a reserve who is well and truly past his sell by date !


Don’t listen to them @Phoebica, the grumpy old gits will come around.


I have no issue with him getting an extension, however, people conveniently forget how utterly shit he was playing before he got injured where anyone but him would do at the back.

Also wouldn’t be so quick to write off Chambers who was flourishing at Middlesbrough before his injury.


Yeah tbh that was harsh on Chambers. Few performances for us still etched into the mind, but he’s been part of a good unit there at Boro.


[quote=“Phoebica, post:226, topic:105”]
many members of the team look up to him.
[/quote]Well he is 6ft 6 after all.



[quote=“Mysty, post:231, topic:105, full:true”]

I get it.
You two are a double act.
You’re the funny one and Pheobica is your straight man, or should I say, woman :grinning:


I’m funny too :sob:


I suppose another year as a shouty dressing room man can’t do any harm.


Pics or it didnt happen.


I’ll send you a video of my stand up routine sometime…


Why stop at just a video? I could certainly be of more use to you in person.


Oh really? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Please Per, you are the captain, push someone in the face for this fucking performance!!


Remember when Per used to be a scrapegoat among some fans for when we suffered bad losses because of the defense?

Certainly can’t blame that on him this season…