Per Mertesacker


That was always such unjust criticism.


I remember Denilson, Santos, Squillaci, Almunia, Senderos, Silvestre, Bendtner, Vela, Diaby, Gervinho et al. were very often scapegoated for our losses too.

We’ve had a LOT of scapegoats haha


Dont be daft. Ozil is the only player that gets scapegoated. Right @CunningLinguist?


I truly believe that, if under a different manager, the players that you mentioned, might have a chance to do better.
Throughout all these years, Wenger is the only constant, so he looks more like the reason why we cannot excel, rather than the players.


Is Per fit and available these days? With our recent woefulness, I really wouldn’t be against putting him back into the team for a while and see how it goes. Mustafi since he returned from injury has been really off colour. Couldn’t do much worse giving Per some games really.

(In before someone suggests Holding).


Surely Per has to play on saturday.


Is he actually fit?


I think Per has quit actual football in favour of his new role as the dressing room presence/class clown


It should come as no surprise that the captain emulates the manager. :grinning:


What a disrespectful prick. Go on Per!




What was that for? What’s per done wrong?


Sham why you eye rollin’? Lol


That was him punkin’ Per. :grinning:


How to respond to a cunt who doesn’t shake your hand:


Arsecast today made a great point that if we play 3 at the back Per would be brilliant as the middle CB with Kos and Mustafi either side of him.



Can just imagine Kosc and Stafi have pushed up and left Mertesacker isolated in a 2 on 1 situation with like Zaha and Townsend against him and then after someone on AFTV gives him shit for being so slow.



Our midfield has no understanding of defensive duties and feel any set up will always be exposed.
We are just so weak in understanding as a team in defensive football and just sink under pressure.
Of all the faults Wenger has now this has been his biggest failing for years.


Mustafi with Germany played as central CB because his passing quality is so poor. Per could be his replacement. I prefer Koscielny on the right and Holding on the left.


Is his passing that poor?! I remember him picking out some great passes for a CB.

So you want to replace Mustafi in the lineup with Mertesacker and you also want sell Koscielny despite him being our best defender and one of the best in the league (your words)?