Olivier Giroud


Well I don’t know for sure, but there were a few reports - mainly from France – at the time that suggested he had. It’s hard to confirm player wages because all reports give different figures.


Well, look, you’re the journalist here. Do some digging and get back to me would you? :grin:

It actually wouldn’t surprise me if true.


Who takes pay cut when they are sole striker of the club? That’s so absurd.


I’m not interested in Lingard, and he is only on a fraction of what Giroud, Walcott, Wilshere and Welbeck are on.
He plays for a club that last season happily paid their injury prone striker more than 300k a week and he hasn’t played this season.
I’m talking about Giroud earning 100k a week compared to world class players like Sanchez and Ozil who are on around 140k and Lacazette who is the same as Giroud.

Perhaps if Wenger stopped handing out world class player wages to mediocre players, and started paying our best players what they were worth, he might start keeping hold of them.


To be fair…
If we (I did) say Wenger did not put enough good players around Ozil and Sanchez…
Wenger also did not play the style that fits Giroud and make him shine.

A very solid starter for a mid-table team, and a very efficient rotation/back up striker for us.
It is not Giroud over-earning 100k a week, it is Arsenal under-paying Ozil and Sanchez instead.
I think 100k a week for a French international who scored 100+ goals for Arsenal is fair.


I agree.
I have no problem with Giroud at the club.
As I said, there can’t be many second choice strikers in Europe that are better than him.
He does earn a lot relative to what our best players get, which is why I think our pay structure and Transfer strategy is wrong.

Man U pay players like Pogba and Ibrahimovic more than a quarter of a million a week but other players like Lingard and Jones 25 to 50k a week, which is how it should be.
From what I’ve read, Rashford is on around 20k

We pay Walcott and Ramsey 110k a week, and world class players like Ozil and Sanchez about 130 and 140k.
No wonder they can’t wait to leave.


Lingard is on 100k a week isnt he?


If you’re talking about Ibrahimovic then this could not be anymore inaccurate. He has never been an injury prone player.


He probably means the 211 days he’s just missed because of his cruiciates.

You probably also know that though. :grin:


Lol check your facts. Their wages are comparable


We don’t have the same ability to throw away large wages like ManU does though… and more importantly, their wage structure isn’t some arcane commune system that puts at huge disadvantage…


Milner and Oxlade Chamberlain at Liverpool.

Some of you need to adjust to the modern world in which paying circa 100k a week to players who aren’t your very best is entirely normal for big teams.


That may be (although it isn’t as black and white as you paint it imho), but it still doesn’t address the second part of the issue, which I said “more importantly” - you can’t have 30-40% difference between squadie and top and big teams have 100%+ difference… anyway, I’d rather we were really smart about top 12-14 players, getting top, top qualiteeeee and then augment with young emerging stars… you take some risk at depth and injuries, etc. but it is better than just accepting we can only pay x for top y stars and have an arcane wage structure that leads predictably to what we have seen over last 5+ years.


Well he did say “last season” so…


If Ozil and Sanchez were interested in signing a new deal that would no longer be the case. When we make our next big money signing I’d wager that would no longer be the case. It seems pretty hard to get accurate wages for Lacazette, can anyone offer up much more accurate than the £200k a week figure I’m seeing in the gutter press?

I accept that it has been a bit of an issue in the past, but the wages of some of our squad players being around 100k isn’t a problem, that’s pretty much in line with the market, as it should be.

I just don’t think it really registers as one if the things worth whinging about when it comes to Arsenal.


When United agreed to pay Ibrahimovic 300k a week or whatever he wasn’t injury prone. It’s not fair or accurate to label Ibrahimovic an injury prone player because he’s recently had a fairly lengthy injury.


I’m going by this website: TOTALSPORTEK
and then searching for Manchester United Player Salaries 2017-18.

I should have said at Man U.
At his age and with a serious injury, he is still there.


My main point here is that Giroud and others like Walcott, Wilshere, and Welbeck earn marginally less than Ozil and Sanchez, and that situation doesn’t doesn’t happen at the other top European clubs.

They pay world class players considerably more than second choice players.


I think that is why you have a good mix of talented youngsters on the rise who haven’t peaked compensation-wise… happens in all sports across the world… you need at least a few to contribute in a meaningful way to the first team in order to help balance things out when you don’t have unlimited funds like AFC. Having said that, we much more financial muscle nowadays and need to flex it more.