Olivier Giroud


He’s not on 300k a week anymore. He’s on less than 200 now.


But he is doing a paper round to supplement his income :grinning:


Oh well that’s alright then.


Maybe we can convince Giroud to make the winter move to Everton now that Allardyce is there? I’m sure it’s his dream to work with Andy Carroll–oops…I mean OG12–again.



Happy for him after a difficult period. Hope it is gonna be a big boost confidence.


He’s found his calling.


Arsenal legend


Found his level


Giroud still remains Ozil favorite player to assist!



So insane to see Titt’s numbers up there… frankly, it is pretty damn impressive what Anelka did too considering his career was so bizarre…

Miss you Titi!


Not that impressive, considering that Anelka played most of his career in the PL, he would leave for 1 and a half season and then return.
0.34 goals per game in the PL, not bad, but not great either.


Wow - forgot how many games he played in the PL - that definitely puts it in different light.


And yet he has been average this season.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has played more minutes for Arsenal in the league this season than Giroud. Still has one less goal than Sanchez and is level with Welbz

Not sure why people expect miracles from a guy lacking in match sharpness and cohesion with 1st teamers


I expected more from him in the Europa League, tbh. Just hope these 2 goals are gonna do him well now.



Sounds like horse shit.


Yeah bullshit