Olivier Giroud


You are really a turd.
Stick a roast chicken up your ass.


With Chorizo?


Why not?


I mean, it’s an awful waste of food.


You could certainly get both uses out of the one chorizo.


It seems he’s rather gone off the chorizo, doesn’t it?

No doubt, common practice for those spanish of the fudge packing inclination, no doubt.


Really like Giroud’s story. Especially his international career. He’s pretty much nailed on to start in Russia, Hope France does well with Giroud upfront.



Obviously they will. Even with him upfront they have one of the best national teams in world football.


Arsene Wenger on Mesut Özil and Alexis Sánchez leaving in January: “In our situation, we have envisaged every solution.
It is possible.” https://t.co/5JfajauMOA


Not helping Arsene.


Well, that would be a massive kick in the nuts.

I understand we don’t want to lose them on a free though.


I highly doubt it will happen, even just one of them being sold in January, but it would be so Arsenal-like if it were to happen :joy:


Guess Alexis is more likely than Ozil.


Have retained possession once after he’s touched the ball so far ?


He hasn’t looked good recently.


Oh he always looks good :henry2:


Watch him play the whole 90 tonight but Lacazette gets subbed on the 60th on Sunday again :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Honestly Wenger is such a fucking idiot



Wilshere > Modric


Thank God the idiot left him on eh?

What a man :giroud3: