Olivier Giroud




I doubt the girl will win. I think it’ll be Masuluke​. Lots of people on Twitter seem excited at the prospect of a goalkeeper winning the award.


You mean it wasn’t even home cooked. :smile:

You are actually hilarious.


Fuck. I could combine a racist joke a sexist joke and my disdain for the French donkey in one joke right now. The holy grail of jokes but I’m afraid I would be banned.


Tbf you can’t be mad at a GK scoring an overhead kick injury time equaliser winning it


Do it in spoiler tags with a warning that some may find it offensive?

I must see it!


The state of that Venezuelan goal.



The fun police have spoken.


Voted for Venezuelan girl mainly for the distance, power and accuracy of the shot, it was impressive. And she’s only 18. Giroud stuck a leg out, however the build up was beautiful. Goalkeeper’s goal was a bit mad, however overhead kicks are common


Agreed. Not sure he needs to be rewarded for being a useless cunt 90 percent of the time.

I voted for the goalie, that was some majestic FIFA shit.



I can’t help but feel two of the Puskas award nominee’s are only there because there 90th minute winners scored by a chick and a goal keeper, don’t get me wrong there good goals but they’re nothing special.

I can think of two similar goals in the past year that are better than them both.

There’s only one winner for me :giroud:


And a short goalkeeper.
Keeper was not even backtracking, she either massively fucked up or was too short to reach the ball.

Don’t think it is worthy of the award.


You can criticize him, but you can’t deny he truly loves us.


Wonder who’s gonna be the first to say something cynical about this. :smile:


With Giroud I don’t understand why it came down to Everton or nothing. In the article it mentions Marseille and Lyon’s interest. Yeah, it makes sense his wife didn’t want to move to Liverpool, but Marseille (especially) or Lyon should’ve been fine to convince her. I guess the french clubs weren’t offering enough money? … Our shitness at selling off players is incredible. Just wait til next season when no one wants him and he is happy to take his large salary and live in London and not play.

(Come to think of it, French clubs probably weren’t offering enough wages for Oli and his wife to want to move from London. There’s your first cynical comment @Oliver )


Paella boy :xhaka:


Gotta include that whole move in that Giroud goal - sexy football.


Preach it :sunglasses:


Yeah, crazy that a striker for Arsenal and France occasionally scores goals.