Olivier Giroud


In all fairness though we know you’re smart enough to know the difference between the two situations. Like I said, I prefer to think it was based around jimmy rustling which is a much more noble cause than the pursuit of likes.




The big man done good.


Nice, well in GODroud.


We finally have a clinical striker :giroud:


Yeh his name’s Alexis.


This is like having an overly sensitive moral compass brought to the level of mainstream society.

Really, who the fuck cares if a guy does selfies? People who talk shit about a person for doing a selfie occasionally are more vain and more frivolous than the person who does the occasional selfie and who doesn’t give it a second’s thought because, really, who the fuck cares if you want to have an image of yourself in a certain situation/with a certain friend and don’t feel like asking someone else to take the photo for you?

Obviously, if you do lots of them and are an instagram ho than it’s embarrassing, but then 99% of footballers are this way so it’s hardly a way to call one more of a cunt than another.

Rant over. :wink: :Diaby Smiley:


Respect the fact he’s saving us but then you need to consider would we need saving with a different quicker striker. Giroud starting limits the team at times. Super sub role was perfect for him.


I was pretty irritated at him tbh, I thought he was wasting time doing that, when he needed to get back to the centre circle, because Preston could’ve scored straight from KO. :no_mouth:


Lived with a bloke with this huge ego about being a real man. Lot of the time these people are miserable and eventually succumb to the intense pressure they’ve applied on themselves for a hardened image.


We should just ignore him for the whole game, bar the last 10 minutes where we know he is gonna score.


Or just use him as a super sub which is his ideal role here. Still not a starter for me. Great alternative option though.


The thing about this nice run of form is, I can never forget his ridiculously long barren run last season that effectively cost us the title. That’s why he has to remain a super sub for me.


Loved his ‘pashun’ after scoring the winner yesterday, he went absolutely mental!

Whilst I love the form he is in right now (and Giroud is a player that personifies the word form in both it’s extremes) Wenger has to rein him in when it comes to bigger games. Reverting back to Alexis as the head of our attack must continue if we are to improve ourselves as opposed to drying out the rich vein of form Giroud is in right now. Imagine late in the season and still having a fit and firing Giroud to bring off the bench to put a game to bed or steal a result? We haven’t had such good depth up front in years I believe.

Perez also proving a useful forward option, Welbeck soon to be involved in the squad/team soon enough. There’s plenty of options to use of these coming months.



Flair play to him. That’s what a captain is supposed to do.


We lost all three of our games with a quicker striker in the form of either Walcott or Sanchez. Please check the match details and don’t blame Giroud for nothing.


Sanchez and Ozil are probably more culpable for costing us the title than Giroud.


Wenger is the culpable one imo, not any of those three players.


Just to confirm wenger is culpable for us not being above the team that has just won 13 games on the trott?