Olivier Giroud


Anyone moaning about the fucking celebration can go fuck themselves.

All the dumb shit that gets said around here, and all the shit we as Arsenal fans have to experience and put up with, now suddenly our players cant celebrate a goal.

Fucking joke.


No lol Kroenke should keep his nose out of shit he has no clue about. That’s why my outlook for the future of the club is a lot more bleak than most people might think. Honestly I think Wenger is keeping a sinking ship afloat because the issues with this club run a lot deeper than tactics.


I agree.
I think Wenger has let the club go stale and shouldn’t persist with so many poor players, but, like you say, the board don’t seem to have helped Wenger at all.
There have been several occasions where, for the sake of a few decent signings, we could have won there PL, but Kroenke kept his hands in his very deep pockets, and did nothing.

That is unless he did offer to help, and Wenger refused it, which I hope didn’t happen.

With Kroenke and Gazidis choosing our next manager, I’m dubious they know what they are doing, and will go for the cheap option, rather than what’s best for the club.


The board are a non entity. Arsenal were at their greatest when there were more voices in the conversation. Now it’s just Wenger. Someone needs to sit down with Wenger and explain to him that A. B. and C. Should be done in a different way, and if he disagrees rank needs to be pulled on the guy. I always bring up Dein but that’s the type of strong personality we need. Yen and Yang.

As far as Kroenke goes I don’t think that he is withholding funds, I just think he’s clueless and that might hurt more because he’s not fit to put the pieces in place for us to be successful. Ultimately it’s his call and he doesn’t have the ability to lead us in the right direction.


Can’t believe you’re actually comparing drawing to Bournemouth with drawing at Stamford Bridge @JakeyBoy. Genuinely think you’ve left logical debate behind and are just trying to rustle jimmies now.



If there’s someone to blame. It should be Arsene Wenger and the defense. I don’t get how the in form striker who played more consistently than anyone else except Sanchez should be criticised. He got us back from 0-3 down with two assists and a goal in injury time. Adrenaline must be rushing in his head. You people really think we could have got a fourth goal?


Got the likes though which is the defining factor on here. Logic or no logic lol


Sinking ship? We’re a wealthy club in the richest league in the world being held back by our managers refusal to modernise his tactics and his transfer market dealings. That was evident last summer when money was available and we only signed Petr Cech. And this summer by our last minute signings of Mustafi and Perez when they were two positions that desperately needed strengthening the season before anyway.


I don’t agree. Sinking ship because we’ve got people above Wenger who either don’t know how to do their job or don’t care enough to do anything.


And you know this how exactly?


You’d think somebody of his stature would accept such an addition to the board?

The model in England is that managers have all the power when it comes to football anyway. Directors of Football are a rarity in England.


It’s kind of obvious. Shit hasn’t changed. The extreme would be firing Wenger for not producing. I don’t agree with that I’ve already stated in this thread what I’d like to see done. However nothing has changed. Do you have a better explanation?

Someone of his stature? Does he own the club or something? Isn’t he just an employee?


No. The hierarchy in this club is up-side-down in way and he has a special position. With his achievements and his longevity with the club in comparison with Gazidis and Kroenke I don’t think he’s going to take anything from those two. If they have enough balls to confront him anyway.


This was my point. I’ve compared this situation to George Lucas before. Nobody should be that big that there is no conversation about how to go forward. We need a yen to Wengers yang.


I imagine what @Arsenal4thetreble was implying was that our ship is sinking because we just dont display a ‘do or die’ attitude to success. Our board seem to prioritise developing our brand more than filling our trophy cabinets.

Which would indicate they dont know wtf it is they are really doing.

Sorry if i misunderstood and you meant another post.


It was inspired by your exact words mate :slight_smile:

The likes really did boost my self-esteem though.


You fucking like whore. :smile:


Was it OK for Giroud to celebrate today? I want to keep a chart.


9 goals away from reaching 100 for Arsenal.


Godroud at it again! :giroud: :giroud2: