N'Golo Kante


He played today? Didn’t notice. :grin:


Xhaka >


We outplayed them using a system that better suits our players with 3 at the back - Wengerball :joy::joy:


Did he play?

No but seriously, he was bad yesterday but he totally should have won fans’ player of the year. He was robbed!


Alexis made him his bitch yesterday lol, Ox won a lot of battles with him yesterday as well. He’s good but not as good as people make him out to be.


Believe it or not, but the quality of a footballer is not exclusively measured by their ability tu run past - or tackle - someone. Then again, maybe in Murica it is. Did you see the Donald tackle and run past this other guy? Another battle won! :grinning:


He is absolutely as good as people make him out to be.


The whole starting XI bar Pedro didn’t turn up yesterday, no idea why Kante might be getting singled out.

I’m just happy Arsenal and Chelsea appeared to swap shirt colours for 90 minutes yesterday


Ah of course. The hipster bundesliga poster has an overwhelming understanding of football that no American could ever have a hope of concieving? lol behave.

Kante’s key attributes are literally running and tackling. God forbid it gets mentioned when it doesn’t come off.

Open a beer lad, you might enjoy 5 minutes of not trying to be a smug twat, enjoyable. :smile:

:smile: ooo i love the thought of you stewing over the response to this.


Lol. Germany is one of the most succesful nations in the world troughout football history. If the hipster tag doesn’t apply on a nation, it probably is Germany.


:joy: lol that post really ticked all the boxes didnt it?

Smug :white_check_mark:
Shot at Trump✅