N'Golo Kante


Kante is worth every penny of his reported wage. He is about to win back to back titles and has played a fundamental role in both campaigns. The guy is a machine.


Kante earns 110k p/w at Chelsea. Why the wage has been a problem if we pay the same money to Walcott and Ramsey, 10k less to Giroud and Cech??



‘Wenger himself’ as you put it. :gabriel:


Wenger didn’t say that Kante rejected a move to us while he was at Caen, he just said that he had tried to sign him while he was at Caen. So not “Wenger himself” as I said, because I was referring to Wenger’s actual words not what I inferred from them.


cry me more tears.


Haha why are you pretending you’ve ruffled feathers? This only works as a response when you’ve wound someone up.

I’m just wondering why you have a go at another poster saying that “There is no supporting evidence for this kante stuff.” but then base your opinion on the matter on things you have inferred from Wenger, rather than any solid supporting evidence. It’s demanding a certain standard from others offering their opinions but then not applying the same standards to your own opinions


Because most things i read you write have a feel about them.

It’s more convinient to assume you are set to auto-rustled.

That edit only confirmed my suspicions. :smile:
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You seem to have a hard time distinguishing between someone calmly questioning what you’ve said and someone being rustled by what you’ve said lol.

You are one of the worst on here for handling criticism or even just slight questioning of what you’ve said.

Anyway, you clearly have grown tired of engaging with me on the actual subject and have moved on to posting shit memes about my perceived tone, so I’m done.


The unresolved sexual tension between @JakeyBoy and @Oliver keeps growing and growing.


So it’s not that we rub each other up the wrong way, it’s more that we haven’t yet rubbed each other the right way.

An interesting theory


Im confident we would get on really well in person tbh. :slight_smile:

edit LOL. ^ a horrifying thought


Nothing I have said is nonsense.
As for being objective, I have been objective for the last two seasons and almost everything I said would happen, has happened, even though you, and all the other AKB’s told me, I didn’t know what I was talking about, with plenty of insults thrown at me along the way.
I keep moaning because I’m fed up with what is happening to our club, and the same avoidable mistakes getting made.
You might be happy being ridiculed by spurs, Man U and Chelsea supporters, and watching us become a just above mid table team, but I’m not.


you keep calling me an AKB… :smile: i wish it were remotely accurate.

Also there is PLENTY you have said that has been proven totally wrong. Net spend for a start!


When was I wrong about net spend?
I said we wouldn’t spend more than 40m on a striker, and we still haven’t.


you know as well as i do you changed the parameters of your ‘wenger wont spend X amount net’ on more than one occaision. :smile:


I guess it depends what the cut off point is and also how much his signing on fee was and what the cut off for that was. I wouldn’t be against giving him that but it would make him our 4th highest paid player. We don’t know what the boards cut off is either. I don’t think he would come here and magically solved our problems. A midfield of Kante and Coquelin would be very poor going forwards, as would Kante-Elneny. Xhaka-Kante would be decent going forwards and maybe Kante-Ramsey would be.

He’s good at what he does but at the Emirates and Old Trafford he looked lost. Also I think both Chelsea and Leicester had tools we didn’t have. Leicester had Mahrez/Vardy on absolute fire, while Chelsea have no weak links in their team. We still have issues with our front 3 amongst other problems.

As far as I remember Ramsey is on 70k, if he is on 110k I doubt we’d be able to move him on with his level right now anyway.


I don’t have to.
He never spends what is necessary to get the p[layers we need and there are always positions we are desperately short in.


He’s been excellent in the majority of big games that Chelsea have played this season. So I can’t understand why Chelsea looking bewildered against Arsenal at the Emirates is any sort of indictment on Kante. He was one of the only players who came out of the Old Trafford fixture with any sort of semblance of credibly after Chelsea were completely nullified.

Stop paying average players wages that don’t be fit their quality. That’s one way we could actually afford to compete with some do these teams.


He was awful. And I LOVE it.



Overrated pace merchant.