Middlesbrough Thread



In the bottom 7? Not sacked your manager by March? Unusual


Pardew to replace him?


Thanks for the like @Cristo :poldi:


Couldn’t resist after that comment


It is really hard. You get promoted, never played in the PL before so do you do a Bournemouth, Swansea, Blackpool and just go for it or do you do the standard try and cling on to whatever points you can?

He’s been there for a while and I think he’s done a decent job. Look at the job Dyche has done for Burnley, even after getting them relegated.

I think Boro are just shit, they’re not necessarily in the same kind of freefall Leicester were. I mean Rudy fucking Gestede as your January saviour? Come on. They’ll probably go down anyway so I’d have probably just stuck with Krankie.


If they get Hiddink fair play. He’ll probably keep them up