Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


Exactly. Watch idiots go on about ho we should have done the same with Suarez transfer.


Thoughts on Torreira? @AbouCuellar


@Titou14 will be overwhelmed with the amount of @s when he logs in.


Now that you mention it…


This feels like the kind of signing we have all been hoping Sven et al would identify. I think most of us are OK with signing players of the kind of age of Lichtsteiner and Sokratis as long as its accompanied by young and exciting players like Torreira.

I’ll be very happy if/when this gets confirmed. @Bl1nk you better behave yourself until it is.


Now I really want @Bl1nk to move the thread & give a massive fuck off to all of you.

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I’ll move it back


@Bl1nk vs @JakeyBoy

It’s like Iron Man vs Captain America, I don’t know who to support and IT’S TEARING ME APART :sob::sob:


It’s too early


Ornstein is never early.

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Aren’t we paying extra in order to be able to pay in installments rather than a lumpsum amount?

No one in the world should be stupid enough to pay over and above the release clause.


Yea we essentially haven’t activated the release clause, just agreed a fee.


Fuck rules.
Team @Bl1nk


We didn’t pay the extra funds to get it done early we paid the extra funds so we could pay over several years

The clause only applied to a cash payment


So i got hyped and checked youtube compilation.
Albeit I have heard of him, I never really saw him live.

Based on videos, he seems really good.
Tackles almost exactly like Coquelin coupled with Cazorla-esque mini dribbles & good passing capability.

Hopefully will nail that DM position and allow Xhaka to be sold.







Would be a tough midfield, albeit not that technical.