Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


I wouldn’t me surprised if Torreira - Ramsey - Xhaka will be his base midfield. Ramsey is similar to Rakitic and Banega. More than Ozil is at least.


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Thanks for the clarification. Regardless, it is refreshing to see a player identified and getting the deal done as opposed to letting it drag on and on over a few million.

Looking forward to seeing him play in the World Cup.


It’s a market. Like buying a house. The asking price is set but if multiple people want the house then the price is going to go above asking.


Except that it doesn’t work like that in the case of release clauses in contracts. By definition of a release clause, if a club meets the amount set, the parent club is compelled to sell and it’s then upto the player to decide whether he wants to join or not.
In case of multiple suitors, the price cannot be driven up. Any bid that matches the release clause qualifies and the club cannot decide who to sell to, only the player can.

The club can however accept an amount lower than the release clause.

We are paying the extra dollars to spread the payment and not to avoid a bidding war.

It is the equivalent of a MSP/MRP of a product you buy from the supermarket. The retailer can change less if they want, but charging extra is illegal as the maximum price has been set right from the beginning.


Ask @Trion about that. I might be crazy but I never saw Luis Suarez in an Arsenal shirt.


That was either because of Liverpool not abiding by the clause & Suarez not wanting to burn bridges;
Or Suarez’s agent being a dumb fuck.

Either way the way release clause function has not changed.


Wouldn’t be a bad midfield. It would be quite tough to break down, imo.



If you perhaps made an effort to read more you’d have found out why.

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