Liverpool Vs Arsenal (PL)


Team news… … Kos should be back…:pray:

on whether Ozil will play at Liverpool…
We’ll see. I don’t know. He should be OK.


Can see it as well. Maybe even another 3-3 like last season.


I don’t know why you’re all discussing the scoreline, I’ve already told you that it’s going to be 4-2


When was the last time we defended well at Anfield? 2012? Always seems to be a match where we hope Liverpool make more amateurish fuck ups than we do and hope one or two of our players have a sensational game. Pathetic that we can’t even expect professionalism from a club of our size.

Lets see if they prove us wrong for once.


Liverpool 4 - 2 60/1 with PP


Put any dolla on it mate?


I was seeing 41.0 a few days ago on betfair. Glad I haven’t put any money in it yet (@Midfield_Maestro)


we are 100/1 for the same result…
200/1 for a reverse of opening game…


Wouldnt waste money on us. The only way we are winning this is if Liverpool are absolutely shite. Even on their current form, they’ve managed to get up for their big games this season. Expecting uber attacking from all angles with a constant high press for at least the first 20 minutes. If we can weather the storm we have a chance, if we are losing 2-0 by HT then it’s goodnight.

I think Theo Walcott is a must in this game. Could be our most important player.


only ever do goalscorer in our games…we are shit enough without my jinxing em aswell…


hopefully welbeck upfront give them something to do…otherwise a stroll for their back line…

I can see him starting Ramsey aswell, he likes playing him even when he isnt fully fit…


The way people are talking is a sad indictment of the mood around the club.

I’m feeling optimistic about the match tbh. We gave them a proper game at the Emirates with a makeshift, not fit 11. The boys have had a good rest and want to bounce back after Bayern. I’m predicting another classic Arsenal victory away at Anfield 3-2


Or 2-4 :wink:


Problem with us is we dont feel the hurt or shame of the Bayern no show.
We should be a wounded animal going take Liverpool on. Instead we all know were going to be out run and fought to a team who will be fired up after their own poor showing on monday.
We will imply the same mantras of slow possession and trying to feel our way into the game.
Although not as solid as Chelsea you know the dominance of their running game is likely to overwhelm us.
Hate feeling like this but just want this game out the way.


Are you going to buy me the beer I’ll lose betting on this scoreline?


Yeah man, if you come to England for an OA meetup, I’d absolutely buy you a beer (I’d do so anyway, even ignoring you following my tip haha).

I’m not gonna paypal you the amount though :sweat_smile:


Shame… I was hoping to get at least 6€ sent to me per Paypal, but delivery in person is good enough :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: Are you flirting with Jake?


Sure, why not… Handsome guy, missing a front tooth, isn’t ashamed of posting a pic when wasted on the toilet… what isn’t there to love about him.

If you want to compete with him, you’ll have to up your game. Otherwise he’s pretty much first pick.


C’mon Arsenal! Don’t let us down! :mustafi: