Liverpool Vs Arsenal (PL)


This is one of the matches I expect us to lose, Liverpool seem to perform better agaisn’t the top 6 teams then they do agaisn’t the bottom ones. With a great crowd behind them fully expect them to get over last nights result. Going for a 4-2 defeat. Can’t see us getting anything out of this game, a inept tactically performance with Ozil going missing again.

Like to see Lucas and Welbeck been given a start, and put OX in the middle and Alexis up front. Hit them with pace but we all know that ain’t happening same old shit and performance. We’ve gotten a two week break but I still expect the “mentally jaded” line to be carted out if we lose.

Hope we win but I’d be very surprised with the way we’re playing right now.


The smart money has to be on 4+ goals, with or without Koscielny we’re going to concede (what chance a Cech error?) and I can’t see them keeping us out either




We’ll be gutted like a fish.


Something like this and it could go either way.


Saw someone refer to this match as “L Clasico” Quite fitting I thought :joy:


Thanks Topo.


Liverpool remind me of arsenal. Very hit n miss.
But we all know they’ll be up for this one.
It would be nice if Wenger could just motivate the girls for this one. Let’t get our team on the front foot from the first minute.
No more sitting back until they score.
Up n at em.


Get battered by relegation fodder, best Arsenal. Sounds about right.


[quote=“YJYUX, post:48, topic:1265, full:true”]
Thanks Topo.
[/quote]No information on possible crowd attendence and how many interceptions though.:hipster:


And more importantly no FOTM when we all know very well it’s going to be Granit Xhaka.


Our record at Anfield is pretty good, tbh, albeit i never feel confident here :xhaka:


Yeah our record is pretty impressive at Anfield and normally I’m pretty confident about this game. Klopp has only lost 1 in like 14 vs the current top 6 since she’s been in charge though.


I don’t see it as positive tbh, recently at least, because that 5-1 was just horrendous, plus in our recent run of draws up there we’ve always folded to concede a draw and drop the points, rather than staging a comeback. How I see it anyway

Basically I see us as perfect fodder for Klopp to get a performance out of his side. Better that they play us than a relegation-threatened side at home in their next game


Maybe 5 years ago we had a good record there but our current crop of players haven’t had that good a time at Anfield. Some draws and a horrid 5-1 defeat.

On paper we have the better team. Liverpool seem to have problems all over the pitch. They are far too reliant on Mané this season and their midfield on Monday couldn’t string a couple of passes together! Not to mention that God awful defence.

But for some reason I’m still not confident. Liverpool love the big games, hence why they are top of the “top six” mini league.


This feels like another ‘we’re not playing today’ match. Ugh.

Positively surprise us for once, Arsenal. Come the fuck on.


Are Henderson and Lovren still out?


I thought Henderson was definitely out, but apparently there is an “outside chance” that he’ll play. It’s unlikely though. Lovren returned to training yesterday so he’s a maybe.


We havent won there since 2012… Only lost once though, so expect the usual draw.
Can see a similar game to the seasons opener, loads of goals, shit defending…


We are not playing well, but their form is probably worse, and because they are at home the pressure is greater for them.
I think both teams will go for a win, and there will be a few goals, so i’m going for a score draw, possibly 2-2, or more.