Liverpool Vs Arsenal (PL)


What sums up the incompetence for me is Wenger saying before the match that Giroud and Welbeck were on so we could be strong in the air and direct, but when we absolutely need a goal late on both of them come off. If theres any time you need to be direct its in the final minutes when weve got them pinned back and we’re getting numerous crossing chances…

Ideally he shouldve brought Giroud off, slotted Welbeck into the middle and put Perez out wide. Theo was utterly useless…


This is the first season Liverpool have done the league double over us since 1999/2000


I don’t want to win one or two important trophies and return to the low level after them, I want to be like Barça, Bayern or Juve. A new sporting director, new manager, new youth head coach - plus to build a spine of great players - are needed to compete.


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This is the first season Liverpool have done the league double over us since 1999/2000
[/quote]Jesus, I was asking my Liverpool mate after the game, this must be their first double over us in a while, didn’t realise it was as long as 17 years ago though! I think I recall Camara scoring their winner at Highbury that season.

Knew you’d be the man with the key stat Calum :+1:



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That was a shambolic Liverpool starting 11 that day also.


Ahh, the satisfaction of doing something productive instead of watching this fucking joke of a manager perform his craft. Easiest choice ever these days. No one should ever cancel their positive plans to watch this crap.

Even legends should get the fuck out once they’re shot and this man was washed up a long time ago. He’s Arsenal’s greatest servant but also a fucking failure too. Barely deserves the proud legacy he will undoubtedly get when you consider how much of his career has been abysmal.

This is why you should always leave something on a high rather than living long enough to become an Arsene Wenger.


Saturday fourth March. Liverpool v Arsenal.
We’ve had some cracking games against Liverpool.

Highlight of my day - Shopping in Scunthorpe with missus and watching Mrs Brown’s Boys.
How the once mighty Arsenal have fallen.
Sad sad times for our football club.
But it’s Sunday and we’ve got a couple of the g/kids coming for dinner so things are looking up.


This is a brilliant article


Fucking hell, that sounds more depressing than the match.


:xhaka: Taking the piss :xhaka:. Just fuck off!


Getting rolled by a Can-Wij midfield is embarrassing.


Some many woulda shoulda games…


Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it i’ll send her


Done the forum a big service there @Calum by posting that. Great read.


Just about says it all Calum.I will watch out for that 365 thing. Cheeers.