Liverpool Vs Arsenal (PL)






I guess I was expecting too much.

We’re not even good at parking the bus. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?


Because Arsene Wenger is our manager and he does not do defensive organisation.


Bayern were too big for us - what’s the excuse against fucking Liverpool? Shambolic. Wenger was brave in benching Sanchez - I guess he should take the responsibility for the fuck up now. I don’t see how he deserves a new contract.





I’ve no words, I’m not frustrated, not angry, not deluded. I’m unmoved.

I refuse to understand why we’re playing so poor. In the past, when we were without a good financial situation to buy the great players and without winning mentality because the great players were away to play for us, our identity was to play a nice and attractive football.

I refuse to understand why our best player started the game on the bench following a suicide plan to play with the long ball and wait to not concede a goal.

Why Bellerìn, followed by Barça and Pepe Guardiola, has played a good game probably last season.

Why Koscielny looks shit like the past and the Kostafi looks like Koscielny and Vermalen, because they were too similar to play togheter.

Why an average player is our starter on the left and has been trashed by Manè. In the past we had Kenny Sansom, Nigel Winterburn, Gio, Ashley Cole, Gael Clichy, now this spaniard clown which, like Coquelin, had needed to be sent out of squad after the period on top.

Why the fucking Francis Coquelin plays for a team with ambition and plays into a particular positions like the playmaker in front of the defenders (Cruyiff didn’t dead for this). He isn’t capable yet to recover the ball, not capable to pass, not capable to try an assist, not capable to fight using his body, not capable to win an aerial duel.

Why Xhaka is playing as half-winger and not in the position which convinced scouts and manager to offer the big money to Gladbach and sign him.

Why Iwobi is considerated to be the new starlet of english football and Serge Gnabry is playing for Werder Bremen because any chance was guaranteed for him.

Why our tactic changed today with our best player out, the only player capable to add the minimum quality to be an acceptable squad.

Sincerely, I’m not ready to live another period like this. I love Arsène, everyone know that, but he needs to go. I love him but before him there are the Arsenal, and we will return to be a serious team only when he will go out with many players.




@Calum knows. :sanchez2:


I genuinely lol’d. Bit of unexpected TLDR savagery there from Calum.


i feel there is some player power going on here too, i REFUSE to believe it is all on just wenger as much as he is pissing me off, i reckon a lot of players are playing like cunts because they can (which i guess is down to wenger anyway) but i am damn sure with the players we have we should be playing a fuckload better.

Maybe the players in their own right after praising him in the media are pissing on him from above in reality, i dont doubt they ‘love’ wenger but they have no respect for him because he is too soft…look at fucking ozil pissing off to turkey etc mid season, as much as i hate him you reckon he could do something like this with maureeen, he would take him aside and tell him what a cunt he thinks he is and to man the fuck off and play like he knows he can or fuck off out of the club and he would probably label him as a cunt in the media too!


Why didn’t Ozil play today?


ill i think, supposedly!


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When you see Calum starting the match thread.

Basically need to put in our best performance in ages, but unsure if our lot can really do that on current form. Plus Klopp has that undefeated record against the top 6. Draw at best I feel.
[/quote]Pretty much went as expected. Soooo bloody lackluster once again. I hate our midfield this season. The one thing under Wenger we’ve always been good at, and thats’s a strong midfield. This season has been unquestionably the poorest I’ve ever seen a Wenger team play in Midfield I feel.

Looks like if we’re going to even rescue anything from this season, I think we’re going to have to stop @Calum making anymore match threads :gunnersaurus:




Did anyone genuinely expect any different, especially after seeing the line up?


Horrid first half - better second, but not enough and then capitulation at the end to seal it. I really thought we would be up for this and win or at least get a draw. Not sure wth Wenger was thinking by dropping Sanchez…


No. If I keep making them it means we lose and Wenger leaves :wink:


[quote=“Calum, post:181, topic:1265”]
No. If I keep making them it means we lose and Wenger leaves :wink:
[/quote]And then plot twist, he announces he signed a two year contract back at Christmas :poldi:


Could’t think what our French prick was thinking when I saw team. But then I realised the French tilt was saving players for b ayern game.
The French twits a true arsenal leg