Leicester City vs Arsenal (Premier League)


Not complaining that much with that line-up. It’s much better than the last one.


Ah some creativity!

We needed Santi to start last week!

I feel like Alexis and Walcott may rotate.


Predicted the lineup perfectly :slight_smile:


I do not like Holding against a counter over the top team like Leicester with Vardy, but then again, I don’t like Chambers either in that scenario…have we signed a defender yet? Lol…of course not!


Not a fan? (genuine question)


I am a big fan, he reminds me of Nasri tbh. He’s got a good technical level, agility and I really enjoy those accelerated bursts in the final third. Also I liked the fact the he stepped up last season and made good contributions but he is on the same level as campbell and should be getting regular minutes and starts against lesser opposition as a rotation option.

He was pedestrian against Liverpool and I’d rather play the guys in a bit of form. ie Ox & Theo


MDC? @shamrockgooner @mysty @Bl1nk




where is the link to MDC again forgot the link




Cheers Bl1nk!


Bore draw, Coq lucky not to have been sent off. Leicester unlucky not to get the pen. all in all, a VERY forgetful game.


utterly toothless limp attacking display


We clearly played not lose. Another loss would have been devastating. But a dull 0-0 isn’t good as well. Kos was superb, just superb.


I do hate to be that guy, but there are some serious positives from this game.

Koscielny had a monster of a game, a clear MOTM for me.

Holding looked good too, I thought, albeit with a few nervous errors, but that is expected when it comes to someone so young and inexperienced.

Ozil + Wilshere looked the goods, and I thought Coquelin improved his game after his ‘should’ve been sent off’ tackle.

When we have our true starting 11, we look closer to ‘fabulous’.


EDIT: I still do believe that we need a CB and a top, top, top quality striker to round out this starting 11 and squad.


It’s time for Gazidis/Kroenke/Wenger to come out and say we’ve actually took a step down as a club and therefore have smaller ambitions. It’s getting unfair now, because this manager is never going to win a Premier League title again.


I don’t think there are many strikers in the world we could sign that would help us. Our transition and passing is so slow. We are constantly playing against 9 or 10 guys behind the ball, partly because the opposition know how to defend us and partly our fault because our players dawdle on the ball for so long. Honestly Ibra is about the only player in the world who would actually fit our style of play because he’d only get to take long range efforts or get on the end of crosses (which right now are coming into the box towards 3 players about 5 feet tall) so he could walk around and be shit with the rest of our side for 90 minutes.


Would of been a good point hadn’t we lost last week.

I like the clean sheet however and there were some more positive signs:

  • Holding can hold his place in the team for now
  • Xhaka was good, he’ll get even better
  • We looked awesome when our big boys were back
  • Cech did a skill move on Vardy
  • Wilshere is back and didn’t get injured
  • Koscielny was awesome

Though we did get very lucky they didn’t get a penalty late on, fortunate. Thought we should of scored ourselves at least once.


I sincerely question all your knowledge regarding football. :wink:


A quick, mobile striker could provide that exact movement or offer actual pace in transition without losing the ball. Walcott’s movement, like anything else about him, is vaslty overrated. Sanchez simply is not a striker.