Leicester City vs Arsenal (Premier League)


Or go to a pub as its a late kick off on a Saturday…


The dilemna of football. You’ll be pissed off if you avoid the match, and we go on to tonk them :slight_smile:


Not sure if comments just aimed at Calum or me too…

It’s a question of whether I be sociable and stick to plans I’ve made with pals or cancel on them to watch the match. If I didn’t already have plans there’s no question that I’d watch the match regardless of my negative feelings about this game and the club in general right now.


Friends of mine are going to grill this afternoon too and it really wasn’t a long decision at all to join them. As long as the weather is somewhat nice I’d always go with BBQ.


Should win but I would settle for a draw.
Leicester are actually under as much pressure to win as we are, especially as they are at home.
I think there will be a few goals, either a close win 3-2, or a score draw.


I’m going to a showing of Hamlet in the courtyard of the castle where Hamlet was originally set, Kronborg (Google that shit), so I’m going to miss the match which will probably mean that we win.




Are there any murmurs on the lineup?


Nice one enjoy son, Hamlet is a truly great play. Speaking of things being rotten in the state of Denmark, you’re doing well to miss this one, as things are no different at AFC.


Line up will be out in 5 minutes Patience my son.


Xhaka starts next to Coq :frowning:


Whatever the line up- to me the most important factor is team cohesion. not just at the back but the whole team needs to play as a team. they do that and i have no doubt the season will be better than most of us fear it will be. and there lies the problem, does Wenger drill them as a team?! from what i can see, he has no idea how to do that.




Wilshere on bench


Surprised to see Holding and not Chambers. Right to play on counterattack with Morgan and Huth.


holding over chambers :open_mouth:


Thank fuck Iwobi dropped


Ox-Santi-Walcott fuck me that is SAAAAWWWWFFFFTTTTTTTT


He is injured, out for a month thigh strain


forgot lol