Kylian Mbappe


hmmmm where have i heard this before…maybe with players like, drogba, CR7, Messi, Hazard etc it sooooo depressing knowing what players we have potentially missed out on because we were cheap and dithered too much.


If Wenger was interested in him before this season, it will just be another player he dithered far too long about, and he goes to a club with more ambition, that are willing to pay the going rate for quality.

Dithering, should be Wenger’s middle name.


Arsène said which Monaco had agreed our offer but Mbappè preferred to remain for another year because wasn’t the right moment to leave the France.


Imagine Ferguson or Mourinho accepting that.
They would have offered more money and made him feel more wanted.

We never go the extra to get the players we need and then end up with an inferior version.
That’s why most other top European clubs get the best players, and we get the left overs, or no one at all.


I think that’s pure speculation. Fergie was rebuffed by our very own Ramsey because Wenger did more so it’s just not true that they’d necessarily have done more to secure him. Even Shaw turned down Mourinho in favour of managerless United. Sometimes it’s just a player making the right decision for themselves.


That is total rubbish and you know it.


It clearly isn’t rubbish, otherwise we wouldn’t lose out on so many players that, "didn’t meet our valuation."
Which from a top European club hs to be one of the most feeble and worn out excuses ever.

It’s clear we do not do nearly enough in the transfer market, that is obvious.


Then we can say goodbye to him, unless we appoint a new manager willing to spend.


@SRCJJ made it abruptly clear that its rubbish. I see no need to indulge this further mate.


He gave an example, which was true, but you know, as well as I do, that in general we are one of the worst of the big clubs when it comes to identifying players, bidding for players and buying them.

If it wasn’t true we wouldn’t miss out on so many, and Wenger wouldn’t have a list of players that he is proud to say, “we tried” to get.

We are still waiting for a striker after four seasons of trying, so your comment of rubbish would seem inaccurate.


Wenger is transparent about his ‘nearly’ list. But that shows we do infact identify them.

Without knowing how the many players other clubs missed out on you cant make the assessment that we are worse. But the evidence we do have would suggest that we are just as good as any other team barring the big three.

Edit: i believe the problem stems from identifying the rest of global football as a single entity and arsenal as something seperate.

Club vs club basis we do quite well. Bellerin is a shining example of that.

Players pop up out of absolutely nowhere, then you will say ‘wenger didnt identify him lol’, which isnt an objective viewpoint at all.



ffs that would have been so good. He’s gonna cost 5x what was originally accepted now lol


Good thing we are loaded!


Yeah but there’s gonna be a que of teams after him now :persevere:


The way it should be. If we got him last summer it would have been ‘lol wenger signing unknown talent, we still havent replaced rvp’ etc etc

Our current brand of football isnt a reflection of our pulling power. Be positive, very likely it happens. :slight_smile:


I want to be… But thinking the worst means if it doesn’t happen you aren’t disappointed.


I would have taken any talent for the striker position last summer as long as Sanogo isn’t the closest we have to the first team.


Manu gets Griezmann for £100m and we get Mbappe for half the price and let them fight it out to who is the best buy lol, that would be epic…would love this guy here and it would be awesome to see what he could do for us. Knowing our luck though even if we were lucky enough to get him he will get injured in preseason and then end up finding out that his injury will make him be out for 3 months then 6 months then the season.


When did he say this?


I don’t remember if was a press conference or an interview with beinSport.