Kylian Mbappe


Fergie missed out on tons of players too and constantly stated that there was ‘no value in the market’.


This is the quote he’s probably referring to from the Chelsea press conference. Monaco never accepted an offer from us, Mbappe was on a youth contract.


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Fergie missed out on tons of players too and constantly stated that there was ‘no value in the market’.
[/quote]I’ve never heard him say that, and if he did, it wasn’t as frequently as Wenger.

Also the fact that Ferguson broke the transfer record more times than any other manager, would suggest he couldn’t care less about value, more about getting the best players to win trophies.

When it comes to transfers, Ferguson and Wenger are about as far apart as you could get.
He was proactive, and Wenger does the bare minimum.


United were a top 2 richest in the world could do that, we couldn’t. And you still had Fergie running his United squad into the ground, not signing a decent midfielder after Carrick, which is why they collapsed after he left.


Clickbait BS. Obviously every club wants him. Real/Barce probably can’t start him but offer him prestige, City offer the most money and maybe can start him. Arsenal can start him but can’t offer him the wages he’ll get elsewhere. Chelsea, United, Bayern will probably be all in for him.




I suppose people are more tolerant to those sort of comments when you are winning a league title every other season though.


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I know Man U were far richer than us but he still bought the best players to do the best job and I think Wenger seemed to want to do it on the cheap, even before we moved to the Emirates.

Ferguson would never have sat on so much money for so long, while we were desperate for top quality players in key positions.

I think you’re right when you said about, "Fergie running his United squad into the ground."
In fact I think he did it on purpose.

He was only interested in winning the PL before he left, and wasn’t the least bit bothered in leaving his successor a team that could still challenge.

It was the oldest group of players he had ever had, and he suggested Moyes, who he knew was out of his depth, as well as having an inadequate squad.

As for Mbappe, i would be surprised if we get him.
Wenger might have left and there is no guarantee the next manager will be interested.
If Wenger does stay, he is far too stubborn to pay more than 50m for a player that has slipped through his fingers, when he could have had him for less than half that.


Jorge Mendes is his agent? That would be that then.



It’s so weird to see Henry with hair


If Martial went for silly money with a less impressive record then this kid will go for more.


During his last season with AS Monaco, Martial scored 12 goals with 5 assist.

Mbappè 17 goals and 10 assist with 2 months to go.


My point exactly. :eyes:


yep, in fact I was totally agreed with u. :eyes:

I added the stats :eyes:


Wenger nearly signed him


Every ‘proper’ forward is going to go for what we consider silly money in the future. Slowly but surely these 60/70/80 million transfer fees are becoming the norm for players with somewhat of a reputation.


If you’re going to get dragged into this money game it might as well be on an 18 year old.

Pay 50m for him, lose him in his final year in 4 years for 25m. It’s not that big a loss.

You’d probably save a lot on wages signing an 18 year old instead of a 28 year old too.


Problem is though, if you went to Monaco with 50m for him you probably would get laughed out of there. I reckon it will be that they will never sell for anything OR it will be huge amount closer to £100m because they know that he is that good already and can only get better unless some idiot manager cough cough ruins him and they can get many years out of him and could be one of the best in the world.

Then you have the problem that the player will be eyed by many clubs and i am damn sure he will never come here if Barca, Bayern RM etc call for him even if they pay less. We could offer £75m for him but £65m from Bayern would be the accepted offer.

Wenger royally fucked this one up yet again, he dallies way too fucking much if you see a talent that could make a difference if you have to pay over the odds a bit to get him FUCKING DO IT. Imagine if wenger got this guy before he was eyed up for £30m people would be saying what a fucking bargain well done…but no he fucking leaves it and we get the ‘i was so close to signing him but it was a risk’ to which we think YOU FUCKING TWAT, we have the money you fucking donkey, it is amazing that wenger will risk a lot of wages etc for players like fucking sanogo but he wont risk any high amounts for a legit desireable player…look at how much Dembele went for its peanuts, wont fucking spend it though ‘it will kill walcotts career’ FUCKING BRILLIANT DO IT THEN!


I think the 50m fee talked about is a perfectly reasonable estimate of what he’ll go for. I imagine a multitude of clauses will be attached to this one but he certainly won’t go for the 100m fee some are talking about.

No team in the world is going to make him the most expensive player of all time. Not off the back of 13 goals in Ligue 1.