Kylian Mbappe


I just realised we totally forgot Neymar.

Wasn’t he 21 when he joined Barcelona for like 71m?


Probably closer to €100m to be honest!


I don’t care about Mbappe unless we audaciously sign him. It’s clear in his mind he’s thinking of bigger things.


I thought we were talking about teenagers if I’m honest lol. But if we’re talking about 23/21 and under then Neymar trumps everyone.


Wasn’t Martial 20 when he joined United?


His wiki says a couple of times that he was the world’s most expensive teenager, and that Luke Shaw was previously until Martial went to United.


He was 19 when he joined United in September 2015. Turned 20 in December 2015.


Ahhh ok fair enough!


Including add ons definitely but initial fee wise I got a feeling the £38mil Madrid just paid for Vinicius Junior would put him top of the list now, no?


I think Martial might have already reached one of the clauses so he’s sitting at a shade over £40m at the moment.

And is that Real transfer official?


£38m for a youth player is crazy!



Liverpool have bid 75M for him?! :open_mouth:


Wont be accepted, we apparently bid £85m a while back and was refused! He would never go to liverpool anyway, RM have the status, we have the Wenger/Monaco and wenger talked to him personally and his love of Henry, there is nothing that would be a pull for Liverpool apart from CL football but maybe next season they would not have it they are too inconsistent (coming from and Arsenal fan, gotta laugh aintcha)


Which would coincide perfectly with the career trajectories of Cech, Koscielny, Ozil and Sanchez If we could keep the last two. His age shouldn’t be the problem. Moreso if he can still reach top level.


If that’s true Klopp is a genius. The pool faithful will eat up the “we tried” line.




I’m not 100% but according to Kleber Leite (Flamengo’s former president) he’s already at Madrid and Marca are claiming It’s a done deal too if it’s true it’s crazy considering he’s only played 8 minutes of first team football and that came last weekend.


Without knowing the structure of the deal no one can say they arent trying :smile: christ.