Kylian Mbappe


Mbappe obviously idolises Henry and has styled his game on the king.

The best we can hope is that he wants to wear the number 14 for us too.

If money motivates him then forget coming here.


Would be pretty cool to have a player wearing the number 14 again.


I’d be surprised if he ends up at anywhere that isn’t Real Madrid, unfortunately


Imagine paying £100m for a striker who got 15 league goals :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Who was the most expensive youngster before him?


Has to be Martial surely


Ronaldo is his childhood hero though right?

Why come to Arsenal to not play with TH14, when he could literally go and play with Ronaldo at Madrid?

Being objevtive if he picks Madrid then fair fucking play to him.


Ahh yes of course.

Yeah £60m (including some real easy add-ons) for 20 year old Martial is definitely it.

Now, if we go just before that, I think it would drop significantly no?


I think it would probably be Luke Shaw at a shade over £30m and off head Lucas cost PSG close to £30m too.

Didn’t Rooney cost United nearly £30m too?

So United would occupy at least 3 of the top 4/5 spots lol.


Yeah I think you nailed all of them.

Shame about Luke Shaw, he was so good at Southampton.


I think Walcott and Pennant, who Wenger bought, were both record transfers for young players when he bought them.
Reyes was a record signing for us when he was still very young as well.


I mean what use is Wenger if he can’t even use his former employee discount at AS Monaco?



I’d rather sign Lacazette tbh, reckon Mbappe is one of those young flash in the pans.


Do you mean Pencazette?


well I hope he flashes in our pan




Yeh man fuck that guy.

What he needs to do is win best young player of the year twice in a row like Hazard. Then we’ll start talking about how he almost played for Arsenal. Isn’t that right Gervinho.


Isn’t it sad when we are never in the race whenever a promising youngster is up for grabs? And we call ourselves a big club, with big ambitions, a global fan base, one of the best stadiums in the world, some of the best training facilities and the list goes on and on. :cry::cry::cry:


Let’s see how he performs next season before judging him.


He’s legit, going to be an absolute star for years to come.