Kylian Mbappe


I can actually see Manu going for Griezmann and paying stupid money for him (including wages of course) and we pay a lot for this guy and we could actually get him, he can actually play on the wings also…Sanchez as striker Mbappe on the wing could be quite promising especially with interchange. We miss out enough fucking top talent for a change we should go and buy one!



Is 35 senior appearances enough to qualify him as one of Frances best prospects? Genuinely asking.


L’Equipe reported that City offered £35m for him over the summer. I would offer a Kazylian (:scream: :scream: :arteta::arteta::ozil2::ozil2::ozil::santi2::cristo::kosc::welbeck:) pounds for him, he looks the real deal, but he’ll probably end up at Barça replacing Neymar or some shit.


Wenger confirmed in his press conference today what we already knew about him pursuing Mbappe last season before he signed his pro contract.


From his perspective, as a not fully established professional at that time, probably for the best.



This is how it’s done.




Monaco teen sensation spotted leaving Heathrow alongside Gunners Legal Eagle Dick Law.

That’s how this one will be reported this summer :sunglasses:


Another two goals tonight.



Too late now I reckon… will go to one of the top, rich clubs I suspect…


We are a top rich club…

He seems to like us though, and he idolises Thierry Henry. So it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he’ll want to play for us. Or perhaps that is just wishful thinking.


Plus he is young and impressionable and, if we’re lucky, stupid. Might still have a chance.


That’s the spirit - we have a chance b/c he might be stupid… :arteta:


Pretty much 100% of footballers generally are…you might get the odd intelligent one but most of them are damn lucky they can play or they would be dole merchants and couldn’t even hold a job at MacDonalds…case in point study the likes of Rooney!


yeah I wasn’t really quoting that b/c I think footballers are intelligent - more that it was funny how we were framing our ability to be competitive vs. the top rich clubs - and we aren’t in that top tier atm really.


Max, get him!




Hattrick! Fucking sign him!


He’s gonna destroy Man City!