Jack Wilshere


Yeah I think he got a hairline fracture in his thigh bone or something.

He played 2,000 minutes last season in the league which equates to 22 league games. No LC or FAC games because Bournemouth flopped out in their initial games of each.

He’d have had more than 22 games in the league but Howe was obviously managing his fitness pretty strictly so he didn’t play the first 3 or 4 league games.


Jack might need to see more premier league minutes whilst he’s fit, best player on the pitch for us tonight.


Had some really brilliant moments tonight. Hopefuly someone makes a comp vid.


Certainly looking stronger especially with the tackles put on him today.


You are were right about him. He is our saviour :henry2:



Really good tonight. Promising


Nice to see him do very well tonight, however, we’ve been here many times before, dreading what’s around the corner.

But do we dare to dream?


There was one moment where he overstretched after losing possession, he got crunched and I thought that was it. There will always be question marks over how robust he is, but great performance tonight :+1:


Can’t help but feel the opposition wasnt enough of a test for anyone, let alone Jack.

Thoroughly enjoying us having our #10 back though, long may it continue.


One pass he did for Walcott I think was amazing. Keep at it, hopefully he stays fit.


He obviously still has it

From what I saw or him at bournmouth he was playing a much more simple game and was worried he had lost that bit of magic but I guess theirs every chance Howe specifically asked wilshire to keep it simple or even wilshire tried to adapt to their style of football and they ment he really couldn’t shine as they don’t play the passing game that jack can shine in

Either way if he can stay fit and sign a new contract he could go some way to softening the blow of loosing Sanchez and ozil next summer

No way he rejects a contact if we offer him one is their?




Uff. I fucking love watching this guy when he’s like this. Such a shame we all know he’ll be injured before too long, otherwise he’d warrant a place in the first team squad.


No chance jack and Ramsay can play as a midfeild 2 is their? I feel like I’ve gone back to 2013 asking that lol


No way in hell haha, not even with this back 5. That question is super 2013 though :joy:

It’s okay though, it looks like we’ve found our Özil replacement. :wenger: If we can re-sign him that is.


Jack looked out of place in this match, he was a cut above everyone else on the pitch. He’s a fucking boss. Now if he can stay fit…he’s miles better than Xhaka, no doubt in my mind about that.


That first half performance is but a glimpse of what Jack is at his near best. The best player on the pitch by a mile, just a class or two above everyone else. It’s so unfair the problems he has had with injuries cause they have clearly robbed us of a world class midfielder, one that sadly, we would have been fighting to keep a la Alexis and Ozil, instead of one we are looking to get rid of.


Nationalism at its finest :xhaka:


Why can’t he be afforded a place in the team based on injury history? I don’t understand?

If it improves us then we should be playing him when we can and not even think about what might happen. Afterall, he has to prove his fitness one way or another. He’s talented enough to be getting minutes for this team and often.