Jack Wilshere




Watch him find a way to be derogatory towards the English now.


I can’t agree with him not standing out at Bournemouth watched more than a few of their games and although he didn’t rack up goals and assist he was a class above in most of them games I saw him in.

He dictated very well and created a lot of chances on a regular basis that were squandered because of shitting finishing, positioning or the like and quite frankly they weren’t on his level.

With Jack it’s never been a question of ability in the least tbh.

I can agree that we should most likely cut ties but with our current midfield as it is is it wise? If we were to sign a new shiny midfielder like a Diawara at Napoli I’d be all for it but Wenger has demonstrated yet again he doesn’t want to unsettle what he already has by turning his nose up at Seri.



Lol got him!!! Glad Wilsh clapped back at him. Cunt shit gk hiding behind the strong arm of Juve.


Screw Wilshere for the latest unnecessary reminder of that day :grimacing: Which he also contributed to, yes I know he hit the bar


I’d like to hear the Bournemouth perspective on this. They’re a poor side and his main priority was to stay fit and consistently play. I don’t think a player like Jack is going to stand out at a team like that when his main function is to keep the play ticking. Much like I don’t think a playmaking talisman like Özil would function spectacularly in a team like that.

From the little I saw, he was doing what he was sent out there to do.

Those missed goalscoring opportunities were over-emphasised last year because it’s the only Bournemouth-relating thing the likes of Sky and BT would share online.


People on their forum were of the opinion he stood out and was clearly above their level.


I had mixed thoughts on his time at Bournemouth. Remember some games where he definitely stood out with his quality vision and passing and others (mainly when he was #10, which he isn’t IMO), where his movement/work rate was too poor to get involved much.


Wilshere looked pretty good to me whenever I seen him last season, especially considering he effectively didn’t kick a ball for two seasons before joining Bournemouth on loan last year.


Kinda obvious who did and didn’t follow jack, or at least spend time reviewing his season once it was over.


Every Bournemouth fan I know loved him and would love him back. The general gist I got was he was above their level and playing a step ahead of everyone else and almost needed to adjust to playing at a lower level.

His only big issue was fitness. Not the breaking legs kind of fitness but the doing 90 minutes kind of fitness (not sure if that’s related to how long he spent out). He looked to run out of puff in the last half of the season.


People with a basic agenda against hyped up English players or people that actually paid attention to him at Bournemouth hmm who’s opinion should I trust :thinking:


Looking at stats or watching MOTD can be misleading in telling you what Wilshere does. But by all accounts, his time at Bournemouth was deemed a success and the fans loved him.

I found this report from a Bournemouth fan, written in February. His only concern about Wilshere was he was playing so well at that moment in time and Arsenal were doing so badly that we might recall him :rofl:

Here are a few snippets:

After an understandably slow start he’s been wonderful to watch – being an expert at making space for himself and rarely losing the ball even when surrounded by opposition players. Whenever he does actually lose the ball – a rare occurrence indeed – there’s usually a few surprised gasps from people around me at home games.

it can be depressing watching Wilshere when the rest of our team is struggling, with the England international showing visible frustration at the lack of movement by our forward line.

Only rarely have I seen Wilshere have a real stinker for us either, with our capitulation against Hull City being a rare example of the on-loan Arsenal man fading out of a game.



Stopped reading here, he was there best player, some considered him their best player to ever play for them from what I heard.


He certainly looks better for his time on loan. He seems to release the ball a lot earlier and doesn’t charge into blind alleys looking for freekicks quite as often as he used to. I’d love to see Santi and Jack playing in the same team later in the season.


Well one can hope he has learned not to do that.


Wilshere Xhaka is the pairing im after, if only for Science. Still think a sort of, Ramsey Xhaka Wilshere trio would be interesting too


Wilshere / Xhaka = suicide.

I think Ramsey / Xhaka / Wilshere as a three could be great.


If he was so good at Bournemouth, why did Eddie Howe drop him when they were in a relegation battle, why can he not get a look in an England midfield that features Jake Livermore, why was there so little interest in his services this summer?

It doesn’t really add up.

I want to believe that Wilshere is still a big talent and can make good on the talent he showed before, but it seems like people in the game don’t really feel that way about him now…