Jack Wilshere


The same could have been said for Klopp and Ox, but the English premium is always going to exist regardless of whether it ever truly is value for money.


Let’s hope we will not squander that opportunity then by giving Ramsey the keys for eternity or buy another shit cm :wink:.


Pretty sure Wilshere will get plenty of interest if fitness is shown, exciting signing for a West Ham and they definitely could afford his wages


You see what I mean? Fucking West Ham?


I guess @Persona jizzed in his pants yesterday :hipster:


In terms of dribbling, 1 touch play and passing in combination he maybe the best bar perhaps Cazorla who’s slower.

Ramsey doesn’t have nearly the same level of talent

Ozil isn’t a midfielder because apparently he’s a number 10, who can’t sprint because he only has a jog mode, can’t dribble because that involves running and can’t shoot because there’s always a sideways pass available.


Except we should because he’s arguably our best player, we won’t get a better midfield player to join us and even offering 20 games a season he’s easily worth 100k a week

If Wilshere was never injured he’d be getting offers of 300k a week off City, so yea 100k a week for 20 games a season is good business.


Well, Woj can eat a dick…:bellerin:


And despite all of that, he somehow creates more chances than anyone. Must be pretty sick at whatever it is he can do.

You right tho, Jack > Özil


Savage from Woj


Cocky Szczesny.


Which players are currently being paid £300k a week by City?


Chances like passing to Chamberlain in his own half before Chamberlain runs the length of the field to shoot, those kinds of chances?


Chances created in final third. Ozil is king


Yeh you right, we shall see this season how Özil without the genius that is Ox is nothing.


That’s what an extraordinary football IQ does for ya.

Possibly also the reason why English footballers/midfielders always are (good) runners. Because they don’t have any.

We should sign a cm regardless of what happens with Wilshere btw (extension or not). Purely because of fitness reasons and because Ramsey is shite.


He didn’t even stand out at Bournemouth last season so not sure how you come to the conclusion that he’s arguably our best player?

In the 6 seasons from 2010-2016, he managed 80 Premier League starts which equates to an average of 13.3 starts a season. A player who is likely to contribute less than 15 league starts in an entire campaign is not worth keeping let alone for 100k a week.

We’ve stuck by him for long enough and given enough opportunities to prove his fitness. Time to cut the chord. If he goes on and becomes a star at another club then so be it, the statistical likelihood of that is extremely low so we shouldn’t hang on to him based on that forlorn hope.


I wouldn’t be for cutting the cord at all based on fitness if Jack were like Diaby and there were no (reasonable) doubts about his ability. Sadly there are.


Jack Wilshere would eat Abou Diaby for dinner.