Gonzalo Higuaín


I’d actually put Suarez in a bracket all in his own when it comes to strikers, there’s no one that can do what he does except Messi IMO. Putting aside his goal scoring record he has the other side of the game down to a science he can create chances, link play and assist effortlessly. More goals than games (40) in La Liga plus 16 assists? Astounding.

He’s a true complete striker and for me deserves the Ballon d’Or.

Higauin is right there with Lewandowski, Aguero, Benzema et al. You can’t really put Aguero in a higher bracket because Aguero isn’t really complete either he’s a pure goal scorer, I think Higuain is a little more well rounded in comparison though.


Indeed. But people don’t like it when I talk about goal impact. :wink:


You have to be careful with stats and sample sizes and trending and all sorts of ways of interpreting things… it is almost NEVER ceteris paribis and there are other confounders… having said that, it should be and is a valid tool in the toolbox, just should never, ever, ever be taken out of context of other data and used as “proof” of anything imho… even a player in one system one year can be much different (better/worse) in another year/system and it is very dangerous to extrapolate too much.


Indeed, we’ve always agreed on this (even though I feel that you feel we don’t for some reason).

Actually the last line goes a bit to my point re: believing that Benzema, Aguero > Higuain, and that PEA more or less = Higuain.


Agreed - I think perhaps where we have differed in the re: stats is re: Theo, but I acknowledge I have a major bias against him.


Everyones obsessed with rankings and whose better than whom etc , it’s all crap . In order to win the League Arsenal need to get a world class striker . There is one available His name is Gonzo . He doesnt come with a gaurantee but there is more chance of us challenging with him than without him .
Arsenal are risk adverse ,this is in line with the coporate goal of finishing fourth . But we bought Granit for 30 million I hear you say ,well wenger knew three heavily waged players were leaving ,he had to replace them and he has 3 for 1 is a good deal.
The confusion for fans lies in the fact that they think we are on the market for a world class striker, whereas Wenger wants only to replace Wellbeck , IE A cheap fix player with a low price Tag ! It all makes sense to me !


Can’t wait until we can finally close this thread… and I mean like close it for ever.

I think we all know we missed out on Higuain when he left Real. Same could be said about PEA when he joined Dortmund from ASSE for approximately 15 million euros.:wenger2:


Can we close this thread now that he has joined juv for 75mil


We are always in the market, just window shopping, or bid lower than actual value, or look for bargain/leftovers.
Just like CL, we are always in the tournament, but just participating, not competing for it.


That’s just it, Ronnie. Plenty of lolly coming in just for qualifying, but no massive outlay for players who can actually win the fucking thing. Gotta give Ivan and the gang kudos for shrewdness. These guys didn’t get rich by being dumbasses.


Yeah, we “maximized” our profit already by qualifying only.
If we advance further, if we really want to do it, we need to invest more on better players and the risk of not generating the same kind of revenue is much higher.



Holy shit! I imagine if we had paid that silly money for him and he turned up for us in that shape! :joy: He must have eaten his share in the transfer fee :laughing:


its all of those free pizzas he was promised…certainly gone through a lot of them!


The funny thing is that body can work in Serie A. You don’t really even have to run there.


The Dad Bod is pretty popular you guys.


Fucking hell…worse than I thought.

Is he depressed or something?

How can he fill himself up so much between Cops America and now?


Meet Argentina’s culinary tradition.

Cunts do that every weekend, the savages.
We the much more civilized chileans do it once a month at most or when the national team is playing.


Bet he still runs quicker than Giroud :slight_smile:


Wow if he’s really that fat this has to be the worst transfer fee of all time.