Championship Playoffs 2017


Damn wish i knew this was on, woulda been a nice thing to watch on my day off!!


@LukeTheGooner @Lister86 @Aussiegooner We fucking called it lads! :sunglasses:

@Craigie and @giner called it before the playoffs started in the original poll at the top of the thread as well


Such an awful final. Huddersfield are going straight back down. Enjoy the moment though fair play.


people say the same thing about every new team that comes up, like Bournemouth a couple of years ago


Good to see a new team.


Bournemouth actually played good football though


Happy Huddersfield are coming up nice to see new faces in the prem next season and they played some good football today. Tho I hate them right now cause they couldn’t score in 90mins for my Acca to come off bastards.


Its great that we dont just get the same teams up and down every other season. Replacing Sunderland and Hull with Brighton and Huddersfield is just a win for the PL.