Barca new manager and my dream


Well as I said I rate Pochettino quite highly, and I think Spurs are a (very?) good team, so in my opinion only getting 7 points from an available 18 is pretty dismal.

But I agree with your final paragraph, I certainly wouldnt/haven’t used that to try and say that Wenger is better.


I’ve always been a firm believer in taking time before rating someone too highly. It’s why I never bought into the Payet hype last season as I feel it takes more than a season or two of being impressive for you to be in that elite paragraph. It’s why I felt so disappointed that people liked Mahrez and Payet were being rated higher than Ozil by sections of the British media.

I’m also a big believer in that there is a massive difference between managing a big club and a small club. Many managers of big clubs would fail miserably at smaller clubs as they don’t have the necessary knowhow to engineer relegation escapes and build teams from the ground up. But likewise managers of small clubs might struggle to deal with the infrastructure of managing a big club and also the incredible pressure and expectation to achieve and win things.

I think Poch is a good manager and I’m a fan of the way he sets his teams out. I do not however but into the notion that he’s an elite manager yet and I’d hesitate to put him ahead of Wenger until I see him take over at a big club (which will undoubtedly happen next season). But right now I haven’t seen enough to suggest he’s capable of making that step up. His domestic and European failures are glaring for me and his teams tendency to lose their cool when things don’t go their way is also a massive concern.

I’ll reserve judgment and if he proves me wrong I’ll gladly admit I was wrong. But right now I feel like Spurs are his level.


Poch is considered among many as a viable Barcelona manager. has done alright at Spurs and great and Southampton. i dont think its fair to assume anyone is underrating him given whats been said anywhere on this board.

especially not rating him lower simply because of his budget and league ambitions.

id actually say the consensus is we give him a deserved respect and minimal to non existant bias, and thats saying something given then rivalry and constant banter