Barca new manager and my dream


nope, moving sideways or maybe potentially backwards…i think he would flop i dont see what the fuss is about as regards him, dont get me wrong he isnt TERRIBLE but he certainly isnt going to take us forward i dont think.


Yeh, I mean, if you go by that kind of logic, you’re never going to sign a new manager, you’ll just stay with Wenger. Any manager with an accomplished CV out there is already at a big club, really (with the exception of Sampaoli, who I can’t ever really see here, kinda for the same reason the clowns at Farsa won’t hire him).


I’m sure we can persuade Rafa to leave Newcastle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Probably not. I feel like Poch is just the fashionable choice at the moment and people are rating him a lot more highly than he deserves. Like I said, he may turn out to be a great manager one day, but right now he (and the young Spurs team) is a bit of a project. And personally, I don’t really want a project, I want a manager who has already proved himself. Greedy, I know, but I don’t care.


He was good at Southampton and has done a very good job at spurs, so I think that because he is proven in the PL, he would do well here, although there is no way they would allow him to leave spurs to come here, even if he wanted to come.

Personally I think we will get a manager of a similar style to pochettino.
Our board don’t want someone coming in and having to spend 200m on players.
They want a Wenger type manager, who will bring players through and get the best out of our under performing players.

So maybe, if we get top four, they might offer Wenger a new contract, because as far as our board are concerned, he makes them a good profit, while not being extravagant in the transfer market.


Someone on here said Danny Rose was the top left back in Europe last week. Any coach that can make human beings think that is true must be special.


in terms of top managers in the league i would probably say…

Wenger (where else? :smile:)
etc etc


He’s got the 4th or 5th best roster and that’s pretty much where they finish. He’s not won anything, and if Wenger gets criticized for not winning the league last year, as he rightly should, Poch should get just as much if not more considering Spurs were in a better position with a better team and still bottled it even worse than Arsenal. I don’t rate Poch he hasn’t done anything extraordinary besides making Tottenham a lot more disciplined and organized. And that is where I believe this Poch obsession comes from. We are so opposite of that, a lot of fans are pining to have a manager that can set up the team to be more stout at the back. Still, to me the scum are fucking :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


Depends, if it’s him or Wenger and no other names in the mix then yes because I rate him and would be interested to see what he could do with a bigger budget etc.

But I think we should aim for a proven manager first and foremost, which Poch isn’t at the moment.


Good to see more gooners warming to Rafa :wink:


Wenger is a worse manager than Kris from the ABW podcast. Wenger is just above Donald Trump and right below “No One” in the managerial pecking order. Seriously wtf does this guy do?


As usual, people overrate the “superstar managers” and underrate all the other ones who haven’t won any titles. Don’t seem to care one bit about how he’s only managed teams that you can’t realistically expect to challenge for any serious titles.

The occasional bad result/failure here and there, that’s usually mentioned in arguments against him, shouldn’t matter much. His methods/long term strategical work (or philosophy, as some might say) does though, and I see nothing wrong with his. On the contrary, I think this is what makes him one of the best. Give him better players and he’ll start winning. Just like how it is with every other single “great manager” out there…


I’d take Poch just to piss off spurs and if he dosent work out then just sack the cunt


But there’s a massive difference between managing a club of Spurs magnitude and managing a big club. Spurs do not play with the same pressure and expectation of the bigger clubs but they have failed to advance in major tournaments or make a serious dent on the league. At the end of the day, Spurs have made very little progress under Pochettino and for me that’s the key in all of this.

And he has the 4th or 5th best squad in the country which means if he finishes around that position this season then he has essentially taken Spurs no further than their resources and squad would ask for. Which is hardly an achievement.

It’s the same way we are a squad who are probably the 4th best in the league behind the current money men in City, Chelsea and United so Wenger finishing 2nd, 3rd and 3rd in the last three seasons would indicate that he’s pretty much ever so slightly over achieving given we don’t actually have the resources to challenge the bigger clubs.

I just don’t get the logic in what makes Pochettino so great yet. He’d be a massive gamble and his teams have the same mentality issues that our team does. They’re unable to cope with pressure. The only benefit to him is his organisation. Other than that he’s just the flavour of the month because of his high pressing style which seems to be so popular atm.

And some of the stinkers he’s signed over the last few seasons too… including the not particularly cheap Frenchman and Dutchman (who cost nearly £50m combined) who have looked way out of their depth this summer.

I’d need someone to put together a more convincing argument than is being thrown about currently for me to be convinced he’s the right choice for a big club.


Poch is a very good manager right now with a lot of potential, I think he’s possibly better than Klopp or at the very least more balanced.

Look what he gets out of this Spuds side which is just above average, I don’t see how he couldn’t get more out of a team with much better players. I’d have him here in a heart beat tbh.

The way they matched and dominated this rampant Chelsea team is predominantly down to him, we would have been ripped.

Yeah Spuds have floundered in Europe but to be real they are punching above their weight most of the time, look at their bench it’s absolutely terrible.


I don’t think some people realise how weak the Spurs squad is compared to the clubs they’re competing with excluding Liverpool.

Good first XI with not much behind it.


Yeah and even in their starting XI their wide options are almost non existent, it’s mostly down to Harry Kane and even when he was out injured they managed quite well.

Hate to say it but he had them playing some brilliant football last season and they aren’t too shabby this season either.


It’s honestly pretty stupid how managers with worse squads are somehow being made worse than Wenger just because they don’t achieve the same things that are being expected from Wenger who has had the luxury to pick the whole team he works with himself…


I mean, I agree with this in isolation, but at the same time it’s ok to point out that Pochettino’s failure in domestic cups and Europe counts against his record a bit. They were dismal in their group stage exit and then got knocked out by the eighth place team in the Belgian league. People highly rate him (me included) so it’s only fair (imo) to point out that their abject performance in Europe should be highlighted, because Spurs have gotten away with little stick for that whereas we’ve received way more (not that we don’t deserve our share).


I don’t really buy into that tbh. Squad depth and experience plays its part and I’d even argue (tbh it’s quite obvious) that their group was harder to qualify from while ours was harder to finish first.

The EL exit shouldn’t have happened though which is definitely a failure.

Still, I wouldn’t hold that as a sign of one being superior in the way he works. There are many managers that do great work but haven’t had the chance at a club that can actually achieve something.