Arsenal vs Manchester United (PL)


Willocks brother rumoured to be starting this match.


It’s the equivalent of Wenger’s fourth place trophy but with an actual trophy.
Most Man U supporters would consider this season, to have been fairly average, but if they do finish outside the top four but win the EL, then they will have won two trophies this season, which is more than us since we moved to the Emirates.


I have zero hope for this fixture. We struggled against a Moyes, Van Gaal United and we most certainly struggle against any Mourinho team.


No way is Mourinho going to field a weak side against us. He loves to beat Wenger and will see this as a perfect opportunity to put another nail in the coffin. He will want to win this game badly. Not to mention top 4 is more than realistic for them, they dont need to rest players for the Europa.


Jose could field Swiss cheese against us and we’d still be given a match.

He loves to blast Wenger and now would be a good time as any for him.


He is gonna score against us, isn’t he?


Is this true? Van Gaal especially – we won 2, lost 2 and drew 1 against his team. Our 2 wins were big as well, a 3-0 win at the Emirates and that FA Cup win at Old Trafford. Yeah we were a mess in that 3-2 defeat last season but in general I don’t think we struggled against Van Gaal’s United.

Our recent record against United isn’t that bad. 2 wins each and 2 draws in the last 6. It’s our record v Mourinho which is the problem.


You’ve got a good point. Although for the FA Cup win is not really important. The league record agains them has been abysmal imho…


Just seen Paul Merson has predicted us to win this game 3-0 :arteta: We’re doomed.


Some random youngster from United Academy is gonna score the winner :hipster:


This game is gonna be a dead rubber, calling it now.


I agree.
A low scoring draw.
Mourinho might put out a weakened team, but he still knows how to stop Wenger winning.


a dog poo with a cat poo on top is what I vote.


I remember when this was “The fixture” of the season when I started following the league, oh how I miss those times.


2nd after the scum… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A big win for us or a boring 0-0 draw. It’ll only go 2 ways.


There will be goals in this fixture. Moaninho is not afraid of us, he knows he can beat us and he will come to do so. I fully expect them to do us over with both teams on the score sheet.


I know I predicted a home win for us but am starting to have my doubts, only because I know how Mourinho hates Arsene and wouldn’t he just love to heap more pain and misery on his arch enemy. They might not have enough to win but they can certainly make it near impossible for us to win it. I now expect a typical Mourinho away performance, 0 - 0 draw.


Like fuck you are.


Getting fed up of that media PR shit.

Stop talking, start doing.