Arsenal vs Manchester United (PL)


Yeah same.

Just like Spurs was a massive game and they were up for the challenge then.



It’s his media team talking. They probably just mean they’re ready for the onslaught of abuse they have to clear out of his twitter after another shitty display.


This genuinely made me lol



In this match Giroud might actually be useful up top because you know Mourinho is going to let us have possession and I think our best chances might come from Ox and Nacho getting down the wings and sending crosses into the box. However Welbeck has been much better up top for us in recent matches so fuck it.

I haven’t been this excited for an Arsenal league match in a while. We’ve got a chance to stop uniteds unbeaten run in the league and I always want Wenger to get one over on Mourinho. Plus united are so hateable. So COYG.

I think Liverpool will drop points, so we’ve got a slim chance at top 4. Of course that means us beating United and then both Stoke and Southampton away. That’s like 3 of our bogey teams, so very very thin margins. However I’ve never seen Wenger not make CL in my entire time watching football so he might just pull it out of his ass ya never know.


Is it even a massive game though? I don’t feel like it’s a massive game, we are coming 5th or 6th regardless, the only thing that matters is the cup Final.


Just shut the fuck time. Sick and tired to hear the same bollocks all over again.


Last week maybe? I myself am expecting a very dull game.


It sort of is a big game. If we win this and the rest of our games, City or Pool lose a game, we can still get CL by goal difference. It is a very slim chance but still possible. This is the the PL where there are always David and Goliath matches. If we lose there is absolutely no more chance.
I think its going to be a draw :joy::rofl::sweat_smile::sob::nerd_face:


Not excited for that match at all because we were so far behind them in the table, and I fully expected the ass kicking they administered. It should have been like 5 nil if not for Cech. We all thought that Wengers kryptonite was counter attacking football, which it is. However the scum play that high pressure football which absolutely destroys our technically lacking midfield. Mourinho away from home will be very boring and sit back, which actually gives us a good chance to win. A lot more reason for me to be excited for this one.


TBH if Wenger can’t beat a Jose side fully focused on the Europa League at home it would be another thing for people to laugh at him for, still predicting it only be a draw though lol.


Mourinho always is looking for a draw away from home against us. One of these days we are gonna luck into a goal and win 1 - 0 surely.


nope, because as soon as we score a goal we pretty much always fuck up and let the opposition score…and sometimes manage to lose from a winning position.


Switching to the 3 at the back and stacking the midfield has helped us a lot defensively though. Against a team that will let us have possession and look to counter, this formation is a much better deterrent for us. I fully expect Mourinho to do the same old tomorrow.


This is a nailed on 0-0

@PPB this time I’ll finally be right.


Don’t know where to post this.

Go on wrighty!


We do love you, we do :wink:


C’mon you tits! Do us proud for once! FFS! :xhaka: :sanchez2:


Ian Wright is a clown, he’s the first player that taught me that just because you played at a high level doesn’t make your some football expert.

As far as tactical knowledge and insight at Arsenal he’s only a little more clued up than the common fan tbh


Other way round for me @Arsenal4thetreble Tottenham game was full of significance, from it being the back door entry back into the top4 to the historical value of winning there.

Today’s match has the Wenger/Mou thing but even a win over him will be downplayed due to the probable team selections. United will win the Europa League and justifiably claim a successful season, we have one match left this season and it’s win or bust.

This game is the most nailed on 0-0 ever.