Arsenal vs. Manchester City (Premier League)


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Well, at least we didn’t capitulate after conceding the second goal immediately after having equalised. At least we didn’t look more clueless than usual without Koscielny in the second half. It’s still a disappointing result for a club of our stature and history but given our last few weeks, you have to say the team put up a bit of a fight and refused to just get swept aside like they did against Bayern and WBA. So, credit to the players for once showing a bit of guts and heart and spiweet. If they want to get back to where this club should be, we need that performance x 10 with a heck of a lot more quality.

And top 4 is gone for sure. I don’t see anyone above us fucking up more than we will so that’s that.


Don’t worry, i am very calm in real life :wink:


The group stage is absolutely pointless. Knockouts are cool though, but we’ll probably be focused on finishing 4th around the quarter final stage and give up :slight_smile:


Draw against the top sides at home and get belted by them away, that pretty par for the course at Arsenal.



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Our defending letting us down again

Thought we played ok but without really doing much. Didnt look like we wanted to win a must win game which was strange

Sanchez looked injured, Welbeck wasnt involved much, Coq and Xhaka with their expected yellows and Theo trudging off with the hump when he done fuck all for most of the game

Oh and more fighting amongst our own fans. They are the fans that should be ashamed of themselves. Absolute fucking idiots of the highest order


another woeful performence

defending was shocking just lucky city also cant defend - we dont ever cross the ball - walcott is useless looked fed up most of the game (yes i know he scored)

dont see the point of xhara and coq playing together they do the exact same role and both get booked whihc puts us in trouble

need a boost from somewhere - the players didnt even look up for the game they had to go 1 nil down before they actually starting playing

really miss a leader on that pitch - sanchez did plenty of running around but he cant do everything on his own


The fighting is usually started by Arsene’s supporters…they tried to put it on a mate just for a comment he made, they waited outside for him but didnt realise he wasnt alone…bully cunts, melted…They even tried to get my mate nicked…


Ive seen a lot of people saying its the AKB that are the ones starting the trouble

Sad times though that we are fighting each other


This is the problem.
There are Arsenal supporters and then there are Wenger supporters.

It will be interesting to see what the Wenger supporters do when he eventually leaves.
Will they follow him or stick with us?


I don’t think that’s correct. I think there are still a lot of people with respect for Wenger and they believe the Wenger out stuff is toxic. I know for me I feel all the Wenger out stuff is really disrespectful. I’ve never seen Arsenal win the PL so maybe I’m not a spoiled fan, but all the constant Wenger out stuff to me is just over the top and makes the club look terrible. I’m embarrassed by the banners etc more than I am losing matches, because the fan behavior is pathetic imo.

For me the biggest issue is and has always been the organization and their propensity to be absolutely tone deaf. This situation has been caused by them tbh. They should have went to Wenger last season after that debacle and convinced him to hang it up amd made it look like a retirement.


Blows Luca’s food insults out of the water with one fell swoop.


All fans are like this though. It’s just no other fanbase has to endure a manager they hate for years. Most of the time once the fans give up on a coach then he’s gone within 2 months. No other club in the country would even considering offering Wenger a 2 year extension in this scenario.

Personally I don’t think there are many Wenger supporters left, more likely there are people that have the same embarrassment at the banners, AFTV getting mentions in the news/papers and general disrespect shown by some fans so I can see why they might get majorly pissed off at how toxic the place has become and how repetitive all this shit is. It certainly feels like the attitude now is we’re right your opinion is wrong you don’t love the club from the Wenger-outists.


In a vacuum this is 100% correct but we all know that Arsenal and and in particular, Wenger’s situation, are very different from any other club. As much as any fan might think they know what was going on between 06 - 13, the club seem almost indebted to Arsene for his work in that period. It’s a posibility they underestimate what he did in that time, which is a possibility considering the board and ownership seem pretty inept. I guess they wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he’s pretty much failed the last three seasons. If they extend him now I’d be very surprised.


I agree, but there becomes a point where a lot of people have tolerated a lot for so long, seeing nothing change, and they have had enough.

I don’t particularly like the way some supporters have gone about it, and I agree some of it is childish, but If this discontent hadn’t been shown this season and even last season, then Wenger wouldn’t even be thinking about signing a new contract, because he would have already signed it.

I think the boot is now on the other foot.
I’ve lost count of how many times anyone who dared to question Wenger or the board were told, “go and support another club,” or "you’re not a real supporter."
This might be the reason a lot of them are just copying what was done to them.