Arsenal vs. Manchester City (Premier League)


Not far, London (lol). Foot-Golf, Man vs Food, pub-crawl. Hopefully be too busy/wasted to even remember this is on.

wbu m8?


Think he’s off to Prague :eyes:


There will be goals in this.
I’m going for 2-2, or maybe more.

If we lose this and then the following game at home to West Ham I can’t see Wenger having any opportunity to say he will sign a new contract.

If we win both then, if he genuinely has any intention of staying, he will have to announce it then.

Man U, Liverpool, spurs, Man City and even Everton are all contenders with us, and we can’t rely on all those teams dropping more points than us.

I don’t think we’ll be lower than fifth but if we lose against Man City, then fourth place looks out of our reach.


We’re going to Athens Friday to Monday haha

We’re trying to get tickets to the AEK Athens - Panathanaikos game on the Sunday.


Only one outcome looks likely which is a City win. I can’t see where our next win is coming from TBH.


Don’t know why the fuck I thought it was Prague lol. A greek football game would be something.


You’re thinking of me there lol


My apologies to you both lol


Games almost a sideshow to Wenger contract issue. This brings the atmosphere as the key issue to the match for me.
Think it will be muted and if we go behind will get septic.
This in turn will have sections of the club blaming the fans for the loss.
3 1 city. Case for the prosecution to become stronger but case get dismissed for another week.


Make sure to bring some flares bud.

And maybe a knife


I’ve been to a Greek first division match about twenty years ago, and this is good advice.

Also you might want to take something to throw at any player taking a corner or throw in as well.
Everyone else seems to :grinning:


A bit worried that we’re going to win this one and lose the cup game, rather than the other way round which I would settle for right now.


Any team news?



Let’s hope Ozil doesn’t get “sick” on the weekend :xhaka:


Post international break doldrums for us I’m afraid… we’ll get a another proper thrashing.


Great article on Arteta ahead of his Emirates return.

For me one of his best Emirates era signings.


I honestly don’t agree with that article at all. Maybe he’s right in some parts, leader of the pitch etc, but it’s written like Arteta was one of the best things ever in an Arsenal shirt. And was immensely successful. What did I miss?


Remember that time when Arteta was bought to replace Fabregas? :iwobi::santi2::gunnersaurus::mustafi::henry2:



That article seems to say that Arteta was a good signing based on the fact that when he joined us we were a complete mess – our best players (Nasri and Fabregas) had left and we’d just lost 8-2 to Man United – and he apparently came in and “sorted us out”. I guess there is some truth in that, but at the same time, from that situation the only way was up. I don’t want to dismiss Arteta’s influence, it sounds similar to what people claim Mertesacker currently does for the team, but if i’m asked what Arsenal are currently missing, he isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind.