Arsenal vs Lincoln City (FA Cup Quarter Final)


As pissed off as I am with everything Arsenal, I just cant give up on this trophy.
Top 4 is nothing to me but this is big for us imo. Sure theres bigger trophies but this would be a great cup to win this season.
Would have to win 2 big teams to land this and no matter what theyd be very memorable fan days.
This is going to be played to the backdrop of muted support. Up to the team to perform and change that even if only for 90 minutes.
Not interested in Lincoln and just want them destroyed. Want a minimum of 5 goals but expect 3.
Anything without Xhaka in the team would be pleasing. Get out there and get them smashed.


Maybe, but there’s real reason to be concerned, he can be a free agent in only a few months.


So lucky they are gonna miss their Lewandowski :hipster:


Biggest home win at the Emirates is 4 0 in the FA cup. Surely that goes here.
7 0 in any game at the Emirates. 12 0 at home in the FA cup historically.
Can only dream I suppose.


Bedlam :eyes:


Trouble is, everyone and their dog knows exactly how we play, yes it’s that inflexible. Even lil’ ol’ Lincoln have us figured out and unless it’s a full out fucking barrage from the word go, no doubt they’ll boot a long ball up out of it and our ‘defence’ go into a blind panic and suddenly it’s 0-1.

Listen up you pricks, get out out there and do the fucking business.


Perfect game to go out and try rediscover some confidence after what has been quite frankly a dire last month of results for the team. Just got to get back into the habit of winning.

It really is FA Cup or nothing now. Lincoln will give everything they’ve got, but will surely run out of steam towards the end. Think we’ll earn a 3-1 victory and advance what will very likely be a tough semi final draw.


Just win you cunts


Don’t want to see Calum raging again :wink:


If Lincoln beat us I’ll care for all of two seconds Luca. Wenger has killed any feelings of caring when we drop points / go out of cups.

Just want to win don’t care how we do it


Calum angry.


Is this a wind up? Lol.


Don’t think it’s really necessary to wind you up, our angry scotsman. :kissing_heart:


Why do you think I’m angry haha?

Meh would be how I’m feeling right now about arsenal. Probably won’t even stream it as I really can’t be bothered to watch us play Lincoln fucking City lol


I’m with you pal, unless I see some yoof in the lineup I certainly won’t bother despite being stuck at home working frantically to meet a deadline, and despite the fact in normal conditions a bit of Arsenal in the background would be quite welcome.

Like I said earlier in the thread, absurd or not what pisses me off the most about our current situation is that if we weren’t in FUCKING END OF THE WORLD CATASTROPHE THE WHOLE CLUB IS FUCKING ON FIRE mode I wouldn’t be denied this chance to see some yoof try and show their nous in the first team. :confused:

(edit: por cierto @TheSpecialCnut justo estoy traduciendo una propuesta para una serie chilena…madre mía, qué mal que escriben tus colegas)


We will win this one but it won’t matter because when the Semi Finals come we are a dead duck.


Im not a hundred percent on city at Boro. Now if that presented itself in the semi final.
Might not give the fans a real lift against Lincoln but respite for us would be welcome for now.


A bit like the Sutton, expect a win and the flip flops to love Wenger again and pro Wenger’s say how great Wenger is. Play a full side get the job done and we move on to WBA away which is the game we’ll see if this bunch of bottlers are going to have their end of season revival to save Wenger’s job.


Whatever however you feel you cant beat a cup day,esp against an unknown opponent…full house…its FA Cup day…hopefully the bottlers can see us through comfortably…And its Martins remeberence piss up… We shall remember him and all those gooners no longer with us today…god bless them all.x first things first, a nice cup of rosie,cheers


I can’t even say “c’mon Arsenal” right now :xhaka:. Just get the job done.