Arsenal vs Lincoln City (FA Cup Quarter Final)


Waterfall added: "Some Arsenal fans might be going there wanting us to win. If we start well, we might have 60,000 people behind us, not just 9,000.

Cocky. Put them in their place.


Nice one mate, hope you have a cracking day and remembrance too :+1:


As much as I want Wenger out, no way do I want Arsenal losing any game. We should be beaten these comfortably, I would Wenger to put out the first 11 and just win the game but he will make it difficult.


Pero de que se trata la serie?


una familia ‘cuica’ que se encuentra viviendo en una casa pareada (tras ser estafada) al lado de una familia de ‘picantes’ comunistas. Vamos, una especie de sitcom que ‘aborda los prejuicios blah blah’ pésima. Me carga (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) mucho


Ugh Pitucas sin Lucas. Awful.


ahahaha you know it. I’m finding it hard not to re-write it in english so it’ll be a bit less shit.




Don’t make me post a picture of myself with the majority of my face obscured by a laptop and a cup of sangria in my hand, Luca.


You were speaking in spanish so i behaved like a spanish :wink:


This guy is embarrassing himself again. He should be taken off twitter with his Arsenal related stuff.


You should never want your team to lose, no matter the circumstance. What an unbearable cunt he is.


No Coquelin again. Good choice.


You can see that Wenger is desperate to get this team to win again. We’d field weaker teams against stronger opponents in the earlier rounds of the tournament. Disappointing that he wouldn’t give Lucas a start in this game. Looks to be a complete waste of 20m if he decides to go at the end of the season after not been given many chances.


Fucking hell, what a boring team. Just when I was running out of gas and hoping to take a nap while watching this game. Don’t even know if I can nap to this, the Alexis-Giroud dynamic on the left-centre will probably bore me into wakefulness.


Lucas :cry:

Better if you leave sadly


I will celebrate the that Giroud fucks off. Not because he’s a bad player but because of Wenger’s obsession with him.


Cant stand Giroud starting ever. Totally ruines the flow of our attacks.


2.5k+ minutes next season, I can’t wait :wenger: