Arsenal vs Leicester City (Premier League)


Sanchez triggers Fuchs.

Embarrassing from alexis tbh.


Fluke win. We were clearly thinking about sunday. I take it though.


That was hard to watch for the most part


Great challenge. :xhaka:


The highlights reel from that match will be very short. But we got the points, that’s the main thing. 3 wins in a row now too - that famous end of season Arsenal momentum is in full flow :sunglasses:


Sounded like an awful turgid match to watch for the most part, but who cares.

Leicester =


Three points is three points but we were seriously shit.

Wenger’s team selection was awful, even acknowledging the need for some rotation. With Xhaka-Coq in the middle and Gibbs-Bellerin outside, we had a 3-4-3 with four defensive oriented players in that middle band. Not really a surprise that we couldn’t do much with the ball all match when you only have three attacking oriented players in the side. It was the kind of selection you might make away to a tough team in a match you’d be happy to come away from with a point, not the selection to make in a home match we absolutely had to win to have any chance of making top four.

I thought Xhaka was a bright spot.


In all serious WHY THE FUCK do we cross cross cross to the likes of walcott and sanchez in the box, then the damn second we get welbeck or giroud on all of a sudden they play to feet…i swear a lot of our players are absolute dunces!




Absolute jammy arse goal, undeserved win and very poor performance.


but because its Leicester, fuck em…


Late winner matches >> twice in a row v Leicester.


good to shithouse those utter subhuman cunts.

Get it right fuching up ye


Well… we won… 3 points… less said beyond that the better… needed the 3 points to keep the hope of top 4.


The new tactic, to work well, needs the right players into the right positions. I have understood the reasons behind the presences of Walcott, Coquelin and Bellerin, but in the future Arsène should explore other solutions.

I noted positive things as Gabriel and Monreal drived by Koscielny, an important tecnichal and phisycal impact made by Granit, Coquelin returned to fight despite two or three suicide long pass, chances created by Kieran and a solid Cech. These are the things to take and use to fix the negative things.

If you want to use the wing backs, is vital to have horses players on the flanks like Alex Sandro, Alonso, Moses, Oxlade, Meunier, Antonio Valencia. A wing back to perform well needs to help the defenders and the midfielders to close the space or recover the ball and start on counterattack to be an option on attack. Now, I agree to not use two offensive players to kill the balance of the team because would be impossibile to sustain their nature to attack, but yesterday Gibbs and Bellerin - despite two good performances- have limited the weapons to unlock Leicester back four, leaving Walcott, Özil and Alexis with too much space to cover and less option to explore.

The second thing is the interpretation of the back 3 tactic as a defensive tactic: false. It’s possible to control the game, play an attractive football, and have an attacking mentality even as with a tactic as Arsenal are using now. Xhaka is an example, especially yesterday despite many factors against him: he has showed to be a great recoverer or the ball as well as a fantastic playmaker. Another better player on midfield could help him to perform much better than he did until now, especially into a new position as we are seeing during the last weeks.

The last thing is the profile of the striker to find for the new tactic. Alexis doesn’t want to play again on attack before he loves to play on the left to have the ball between the feet, same words for Walcott (but the english,an should think about his future because he can’t play as striker, is too offensive to be a wing back and with no fantasy and technique to play behind the striker. He could be condamned to accwpt a sauad player role when the case will put pressure on Arsène to use again the wingers), Giroud has the physical presence but no counterattack abilities. Welbeck looks the only capable to be the straiker of this new Arsenal.

I was not sure about the qualities to switch tactic from the classic and usual back 4 to the back 3, but thanks to the recent formidable performances I’m changing my opinions. If the players to choose are three CBs with Nacho included, Oxlade on the right as offensive wing back, Monreal or Gibbs on the left, Xhaka and another quality player as Ramsey on midfield, Özil and Sànchez behind Welbeck, fuck yes, we can, because we have a manager capable to find the solution and many players with the right spirit to improve and andapt themselves into new roles.

If this tactic will remain the first option for the next year, Wenger should find new players during the transfer window to make this squad better, but not abandoning the idea to use the old tactics. The present looks good, but the past doesn’t deserves to be cancelled.


To get a win out of a game where we fielded a fucking poor team against a side that has been in mostly really good form is a result and a half for us. I don’t care how we did it, I know we’re better than what we showed and I think we’re going to be far more compact and organised in the NLD. As for that game, it’s a tall order but so was last Sunday.


The always “hilarious” Robert Huth


I’d probably find that quite amusing if the roles were reversed.


That’s brilliant from Huth. :joy: