Arsenal vs Leicester City (Premier League)


Anyone have a stream for this one?


If this were Reddit someone would definitely PSP a Xhaka face onto the like button and get many internet points.


I don’t recall saying City would destroy us



[quote=“JakeyBoy, post:34, topic:1417”]
Of course we do :slight_smile:
[/quote]Just need to remember to open it next time Jake :wink:

The chat is open now lads.


As every game goes by it seems more vacant seats at the Emirates.


Moneies in the bank though


Also Giroud should have started this game not Theo, I wonder how long it takes Wenger to rectify the mistake.


Can you just watch the game?


Ball is like a hot potato to walcott…


Ive got Tony Gale…we must have upset him hes sounding like Stewart Robson




Walcott still not up for it.


But watch the game :smile:


Standard 70 % useless possession and Leicester created the best chance of the match with the little of it they did have.


actually sanchez did i reckon…dunno why none of our players will fucking shoot


Its got


Leicester filth


Still shit in the league though :joy:

Spuds are going to have us for dinner


Not at all surprised this game being a bit of a dead rubber. Was always going to be a bit of a hangover after the cup game. Still, thank god we got that win! Just hope we play a lot better on Sunday.